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Newbery Award Winners

Description: The Newbery Medal is awarded annually to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. Included are the medal winner for each year, plus Honor books that are in the collection. #award #kids

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Year Award Title Author Date Added Action
1944 Honors Book Rufus M. Eleanor Estes and Louis Slobodkin 05/25/2017
1944 Honors Book These Happy Golden Years Laura Ingalls Wilder 05/25/2017
1944 Honors Book Fog Magic Julia L. Sauer 05/25/2017
1944 Honors Book Mountain Born Elizabeth Yates 05/25/2017
1943 Medal Winner Adam of the Road Elizabeth Janet Gray 05/25/2017
1943 Honors Book The Middle Moffat Eleanor Estes and Louis Slobodkin 05/25/2017
1942 Medal Winner The Matchlock Gun Walter D. Edmonds 05/25/2017
1942 Honors Book Indian Captive Lois Lenski 05/25/2017
1942 Honors Book Little Town On The Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder 05/25/2017
1942 Honors Book George Washington's World Joanna Foster and Genevieve Foster 05/25/2017
1941 Medal Winner Call It Courage Armstrong Sperry 05/25/2017
1941 Honors Book Blue Willow Doris Gates 05/25/2017
1941 Honors Book The Long Winter Laura Ingalls Wilder 05/25/2017
1940 Medal Winner Daniel Boone James Daugherty 05/25/2017
1940 Honors Book The Singing Tree Kate Seredy 05/25/2017
1940 Honors Book By the Shores of Silver Lake Laura Ingalls Wilder 05/25/2017
1939 Medal Winner Thimble Summer Elizabeth Enright 05/25/2017
1939 Honors Book Mr. Popper's Penguins Richard Atwater and Florence Atwater and Robert Lawson 05/25/2017
1938 Medal Winner The White Stag Kate Seredy 05/25/2017
1938 Honors Book On The Banks Of Plum Creek Laura Ingalls Wilder 05/25/2017
1938 Honors Book Bright Island Lynd Ward and Mabel L. Robinson 05/25/2017
1937 Medal Winner Roller Skates Ruth Sawyer 05/25/2017
1937 Honors Book Audubon Constance Rourke 05/25/2017
1936 Medal Winner Caddie Woodlawn Carol Ryrie Brink and Trina Schart Hyman 05/25/2017
1936 Honors Book The Good Master Kate Seredy 05/25/2017

Showing 276 through 300 of 324 results