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Newbery Award Winners

Description: The Newbery Medal is awarded annually to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. Included are the medal winner for each year, plus Honor books that are in the collection. #award #kids

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Year Award Title Author Date Added Action
2006 Honors Book Princess Academy Shannon Hale 05/25/2017
1981 Honors Book The Fledgling Jane Langton 05/25/2017
1997 Honors Book Belle Prater's Boy Ruth White 05/25/2017
1996 Honors Book What Jamie Saw Carolyn Coman 05/25/2017
1966 Honors Book The Animal Family Randall Jarrell 05/25/2017
1972 Honors Book Incident at Hawk's Hill Allan W. Eckert 05/25/2017
1993 Honors Book Somewhere in the Darkness Walter Dean Myers 05/25/2017
1933 Honors Book Swift Rivers Cornelia Meigs 05/25/2017
1959 Honors Book Along Came a Dog Meindert Dejong 05/25/2017
1983 Honors Book Graven Images Paul Fleischman 05/25/2017
1990 Honors Book The Winter Room Gary Paulsen 05/25/2017
1998 Honors Book Wringer Jerry Spinelli 05/25/2017
1952 Honors Book The Light at Tern Rock Julia L. Sauer 05/25/2017
1954 Honors Book All Alone Claire Huchet Bishop 05/25/2017
1970 Honors Book Journey Outside Mary Q. Steele 05/25/2017
2004 Honors Book Olive's Ocean Kevin Henkes 05/25/2017
1988 Honors Book After the Rain Norma Fox Mazer 05/25/2017
1952 Honors Book The Defender Nicholas Kalashnikoff 05/25/2017
2005 Honors Book The Voice That Challenged a Nation Russell Freedman 05/25/2017
1971 Honors Book Enchantress from the Stars Sylvia Engdahl 05/25/2017
1972 Honors Book Annie and the Old One Miska Miles 05/25/2017
1952 Honors Book The Apple and the Arrow Mary Buff and Conrad Buff 05/25/2017
1952 Honors Book Minn of the Mississippi Holling Clancy Holling 05/25/2017
2008 Honors Book Elijah of Buxton Christopher Paul Curtis 05/25/2017
1978 Honors Book Anpao Jamake Highwater 05/25/2017

Showing 76 through 100 of 324 results