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Newbery Award Winners

Description: The Newbery Medal is awarded annually to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. Included are the medal winner for each year, plus Honor books that are in the collection. #award #kids

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Year Award Title Author Date Added Action
1951 Honors Book Abraham Lincoln Clara Ingram Judson 05/25/2017
1943 Medal Winner Adam of the Road This title is no longer available. Elizabeth Janet Gray 05/25/2017
1993 Honors Book The Dark-Thirty Patricia C. Mckissack and Brian Pinkney 05/25/2017
1983 Honors Book Homesick Jean Fritz 05/25/2017
1958 Honors Book The Great Wheel Robert Lawson 05/25/2017
1939 Medal Winner Thimble Summer Elizabeth Enright 05/25/2017
2006 Honors Book Princess Academy Shannon Hale 05/25/2017
1975 Honors Book The Perilous Gard Elizabeth Marie Pope 05/25/2017
1954 Honors Book Hurry Home, Candy Meindert Dejong 05/25/2017
1945 Honors Book Abraham Lincoln's World Joanna Foster and Genevieve Foster 05/25/2017
2016 Medal Winner Last Stop On Market Street Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson 05/25/2017
1967 Honors Book Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories Isaac Bashevis Singer and Elizabeth Shub 05/25/2017
1978 Honors Book Anpao Jamake Highwater 05/25/2017
1952 Honors Book The Light at Tern Rock Julia L. Sauer 05/25/2017
1989 Honors Book Scorpions Walter Dean Myers 05/25/2017
1932 Honors Book Calico Bush Rachel Field 05/25/2017
2008 Honors Book Feathers Jacqueline Woodson 05/25/2017
1981 Honors Book A Ring of Endless Light Madeleine L'Engle 05/25/2017
1973 Honors Book Frog and Toad Together Arnold Lobel 05/25/2017
1967 Honors Book The King's Fifth Scott O'Dell 05/25/2017
1940 Medal Winner Daniel Boone James Daugherty 05/25/2017
1944 Medal Winner Johnny Tremain Esther Hoskins Forbes 05/25/2017
1993 Honors Book Somewhere in the Darkness Walter Dean Myers 05/25/2017
2006 Honors Book Show Way Jacqueline Woodson 05/25/2017
1959 Honors Book Chucaro, Wild Pony of the Pampa Francis Kalnay 05/25/2017

Showing 76 through 100 of 336 results