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Schneider Family Book Award Winners (disability related)

Description: The Schneider Family Book Awards honors an author or illustrator for a book that embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences. #disability #award #kids #teens

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Year Category Title Author Date Added Action
2023 Young Readers Listen Shannon Stocker 03/01/2023
2023 Young Children Honor In the Blue Erin Hourigan 07/25/2023
2023 Young Adult Breathe and Count Back from Ten Natalia Sylvester 03/01/2023
2023 Young Adult The Words We Keep Erin Stewart 03/01/2023
2023 Middle Grade Honestly Elliott Gillian McDunn 05/22/2023
2023 Middle Grade Hummingbird Natalie Lloyd 03/01/2023
2023 Middle Grade Wildoak C. C. Harrington 03/01/2023
2022 Young Readers A Walk in the Words Hudson Talbott 05/13/2022
2022 Young Readers A Sky Blue Bench Bahram Rahman 05/13/2022
2022 Young Readers My City Speaks Darren Lebeuf 05/13/2022
2022 Young Adult The Words in My Hands Asphyxia 10/04/2022
2022 Young Adult A Face for Picasso Ariel Henley 02/09/2022
2022 Middle Grade A Bird Will Soar Alison Green Myers 02/10/2022
2022 Middle Grade Stuntboy, in the Meantime Jason Reynolds 02/09/2022
2022 Middle Grade A Kind of Spark Elle McNicoll 02/09/2022
2021 Young Readers All the Way to the Top Annette Bay Pimentel 02/10/2022
2021 Young Readers I Talk Like a River Jordan Scott 02/10/2022
2021 Young Children Itzhak A Boy Who Loved the Violin Tracy Newman 06/30/2021
2021 Young Adult This Is My Brain in Love I. W. Gregorio 01/25/2021
2021 Middle Grade Get a Grip, Vivy Cohen! Sarah Kapit 02/10/2022
2021 Middle Grade Show Me a Sign Ann Clare LeZotte 01/25/2021
2020 Young Readers A Friend for Henry Jenn Bailey and Mika Song 02/10/2022
2020 Young Adult Cursed Karol Ruth Silverstein 02/10/2022
2020 Young Adult The Silence Between Us Alison Gervais 02/10/2022
2020 Middle Grade Each Tiny Spark Pablo Cartaya 02/10/2022

Showing 1 through 25 of 80 results