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Young Reader's Choice Award Winners

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the following titles selected for the annual Pacific Northwest Library Association's Young Reader's Choice Award. #award #kids #teens

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Year Award Title Author Date Added Action
1995 Senior Who Killed My Daughter? A True Story of a Mother's Search for Her Daughter's Murderer Lois Duncan 05/25/2017
1986 Medal Winner The Dollhouse Murders Betty Ren Wright 05/25/2017
2014 Youth Cabin Fever Jeff Kinney 05/25/2017
2001 Senior The Boxes William Sleator 05/25/2017
2008 Intermediate The Lightning Thief Rick Riordan 05/25/2017
1944 Medal Winner The Black Stallion Walter Farley 05/25/2017
1958 Youth Golden Mare William Corbin 05/25/2017
2010 Intermediate Schooled Gordon Korman 05/25/2017
2012 Intermediate The Maze Runner James Dashner 05/25/2017
1959 Medal Winner Old Yeller Fred Gipson 05/25/2017
2004 Senior Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Ann Brashares 05/25/2017
2012 Youth 11 Birthdays Wendy Mass 05/25/2017
1990 Medal Winner There's A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom Louis Sachar 05/25/2017
1997 Senior Driver's Ed Caroline B. Cooney 05/25/2017
1951 Medal Winner King of the Wind Marguerite Henry and Wesley Dennis 05/25/2017
1995 Youth Terror at the Zoo Peg Kehret 05/25/2017
1969 Medal Winner Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service Keith Robertson 05/25/2017
1992 Youth Danger in Quicksand Swamp Bill Wallace 05/25/2017
2008 Senior Peaches Jodi Lynn Anderson 05/25/2017
2015 Youth Wonder R. J. Palacio 05/25/2017
2005 Intermediate Son of the Mob Gordon Korman 05/25/2017
1963 Youth Danny Dunn on the Ocean Floor Jay Williams and Raymond Abrashkin 05/25/2017
1966 Medal Winner Rascal Sterling North 05/25/2017
1971 Medal Winner Ramona the Pest Beverly Cleary and Tracy Dockray 05/25/2017
1941 Medal Winner Mr. Popper's Penguins Robert Lawson and Florence Atwater and Richard Atwater 05/25/2017

Showing 76 through 100 of 119 results