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Alliant International University Psychology Collection

Description: Alliant International University donated an electronic collection of psychology books to the Bookshare library as part of their school-wide effort to scan and share its course materials with Bookshare users across the country. #general

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Title Author Date Added Action
How Clients Make Therapy Work Karen Tallman and Arthur Bohard 05/25/2017
A.D.D. & Romance Jonathan Scott Halverstadt 05/25/2017
What Disability Service Providers Should Know About Psychiatric Disabilities Ed Filo 05/25/2017
Ecopsychology Theodore Roszak and Mary E. Gomes and Allen D. Kanner 05/25/2017
Culturally Responsive Cognitive-behavioral Therapy Pamela A. Hays and Gayle Y. Iwamasa 05/25/2017

Showing 51 through 55 of 55 results