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National Book Award Winners - Fiction

Description: The National Book Awards are presented annually "to celebrate the best of American literature, to expand its audience, and to enhance the cultural value of good writing in America." Here we present the Fiction medal winners.

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Sing, Unburied, Sing

by Jesmyn Ward

A searing and profound Southern odyssey by National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward.

Date Added: 11/21/2017

Year: 2017

The Underground Railroad: A Novel

by Colson Whitehead

Amagnificent tour de force chronicling a young slave's adventures as she makes a desperate bid for freedom in the antebellum South Cora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2016

Fortune Smiles: Stories

by Adam Johnson

In six masterly stories, Pulitzer Prize winner author Adam Johnson delves deep into love and loss, natural disasters, the influence of technology, and how the political shapes the personal.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2015


by Phil Klay

Winner of the 2014 National Book Award for Fiction. Phil Klay's Redeployment takes readers to the frontlines of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, asking us to understand what happened there, and what happened to the soldiers who returned.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2014

The Good Lord Bird

by James Mcbride

From the bestselling author of The Color of Water and Song Yet Sung comes the story of a young boy born a slave who joins John Brown’s antislavery crusade—and who must pass as a girl to survive.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2013

The Round House

by Louise Erdrich

One Sunday in the spring of 1988, a woman living on a reservation in North Dakota is attacked.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2012

Salvage the Bones

by Jesmyn Ward

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2011

Lord of Misrule

by Jaimy Gordon

A brilliant novel that captures the dusty, dark, and beautiful world of small-time horse racing, where trainers, jockeys, grooms and grifters vie for what little luck is offered at a run-down West Virginia track .

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2010

Let The Great World Spin: A Novel

by Colum Mccann

In the dawning light of a late-summer morning, the people of lower Manhattan stand hushed, staring up in disbelief at the Twin Towers.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2009

Shadow Country

by Peter Matthiessen

Peter Matthiessen’s great American epic was conceived as one vast mysterious novel, but because of its length it was originally broken up into three books. In this bold new rendering, Matthiessen has cut nearly a third of the overall text and collapsed the time frame while deepening the insights and motivations of his characters with brilliant rewriting throughout. In Shadow Country, he has marvelously distilled a monumental work, realizing his original vision.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2008

Tree of Smoke

by Denis Johnson

The story of William 'Skip' Sands, CIA, engaged in Psychological Operations against the Viet Cong, and the disasters that befall him, a vision of human folly.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2007

The Echo Maker

by Richard Powers

A complex novel dealing with the nature of consciousness, the nature of the self, and other philosophical and psychological themes.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2006

Europe Central

by Vollmann and William T.

In this magnificent work of fiction, William T. Vollmann turns his trenchant eye to the authoritarian cultures of Germany and the USSR in the twentieth century.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2005

The News from Paraguay

by Lily Tuck

The year is l854. In Paris, Francisco Solano -- the future dictator of Paraguay -- begins his courtship of the young, beautiful Irish courtesan Ella Lynch with a poncho, a Paraguayan band, and a horse named Mathilde.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2004

The Great Fire

by Shirley Hazzard

National Book Award winner, an extraordinary love story set in the immediate aftermath of WWII, set in China, England and Japan

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2003

Three Junes

by Julia Glass

An astonishing first novel that traces the lives of a Scottish family over a decade as they confront the joys and longings, fulfillments and betrayals of love in all its guises.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2002

The Corrections

by Jonathan Franzen

Novel about the old-fashioned world of civic virtue and sexual inhibition colliding with the era of home surveillance, hands-off parenting, and globalized greed.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2001

In America: A Novel

by Susan Sontag

In America is a kaleidoscopic portrait of America on the cusp of modernity. As she did in her enormously popular novel The Volcano Lover, Susan Sontag casts a story located in the past in a fresh, provocative light to create a fictional world full of contemporary resonance.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 2000


by Ha Jin

This is the story of Lin Kong, a man living in two worlds, struggling with the conflicting claims of two utterly different women as he moves through the political minefields of society designed to regulate his every move and stifle the promptings of

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1999

Charming Billy

by Alice Mcdermott

Billy Lynch's family and friends have gathered at a small Bronx bar to comfort his widow and eulogize one of the last great romantics...

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1998

Cold Mountain

by Charles Frazier

Sorely wounded and fatally disillusioned in the fighting at Petersburg, Inman, a Confederate soldier, decides to walk back to his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and to Ada, the woman he loved there years before. His trek across the disintegrating South brings him into intimate and sometimes lethal converse with slaves and marauders, bounty hunters and witches, both helpful and malign.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1997

Ship Fever: Stories

by Andrea Barrett

1996 National Book Award Winner for Fiction. The elegant short fictions gathered hereabout the love of science and the science of love are often set against the backdrop of the nineteenth century.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1996

Sabbath's Theater

by Philip Roth

He is relentlessly defiant. He is exceedingly libidinous. His appetite for the outrageous is insatiable.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1995

A Frolic of His Own

by William Gaddis

A dazzling fourth novel by the author of The Recognitions, Carpenter’s Gothic, and JR uses his considerable powers of observation and satirical sensibilities to take on the American legal system.

Winner of the 1994 National Book Award.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1994

The Shipping News

by Annie Proulx

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Annie Proulx's The Shipping News is a vigorous, darkly comic, and at times magical portrait of the contemporary North American family.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1993

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