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Pulitzer Prize Award Winners

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the following titles, winners of the Pulitzer Prize Award. Note: Some drama winners are available and are listed under Fiction awards. #award

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Year Category Title Author Date Added Action
2006 Poetry Late Wife Claudia Emerson 05/25/2017
1976 Poetry Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror John Ashbery 05/25/2017
2000 Poetry Repair C. K. Williams 05/25/2017
1967 Poetry Live or Die Anne Sexton 05/25/2017
1975 Poetry Turtle Island Gary Snyder 05/25/2017
2008 Poetry Failure Philip Schultz 05/25/2017
1996 Poetry Dream of the Unified Field Jorie Graham 05/25/2017
2009 Poetry The Shadow of Sirius W. S. Merwin 05/25/2017
1984 Poetry American Primitive Mary Oliver 05/25/2017
1993 Poetry The Wild Iris Louise Gl├╝ck 05/25/2017

Showing 326 through 335 of 335 results