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TIME Magazine's All-Time 100 Novels

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the following titles from TIME Magazine's list of ALL-TIME 100 Novels. (Updated 4/28/2016)

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The Adventures of Augie March

by Saul Bellow

A penniless and parentless Chicago boy growing up in the Great Depression, Augie March drifts through life latching on to a wild succession of occupations, including butler, thief, dog-washer, sailor and salesman. He is a 'born recruit', easily influenced by others who try to mould his destiny.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Dashiell Hammett: 5 Complete Novels

by Dashiell Hammett

The 5 novels are Red Harvest, The Dain Curse, The Maltese Falcon, The Glass Key, and The Thin Man.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Tropic of Cancer

by Henry Miller

An American expatriate, Henry Miller, describes his life in France where he has a knack for drinking and meeting women but is poor.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Power and the Glory

by Graham Greene

A Mexican state has outlawed the Church and is killing off the priests. One priest escapes and is faced his sins and the choice between his vocation and safety.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Appointment In Samarra

by John O'Hara

Novel set in Pennsylvania.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Brideshead Revisited: The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder: a Novel

by Evelyn Waugh

The loves of a young, then middle-aged man, in England between the 2 world wars.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

by Muriel Spark

This book probes with impeccable skill and consummate artistry the halcyon years of a fiercely independent and unorthodox school teacher and her relationship with 6 favorite pupils.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

An American Tragedy

by Theodore Dreiser

the story follows Clyde Griffiths from his childhood as the son of a street preacher, through his various jobs and sexual encounters until his final encounter and conviction for murder.

Date Added: 05/25/2017


by William Gibson

Twenty years ago, it was as if someone turned on a light. The future blazed into existence with each deliberate word that William Gibson laid down. The winner of Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Wide Sargasso Sea

by Jean Rhys

An interesting work of fiction that takes place in Jamaica.

Date Added: 05/25/2017


by Saul Bellow

Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction, Herzog is the story of Moses Herzog, great sufferer, joker and moaner, cuckold, charmer, a man of our time.

Date Added: 05/25/2017


by Marilynne Robinson

Novel about love, loneliness, and loss

Date Added: 05/25/2017

At Swim-Two-Birds

by Flann O'Brien

"Along with one or two books by James Joyce, Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds is the most famous (and infamous) of Irish novels published in the twentieth century."

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Painted Bird (second edition)

by Jerzy Kosinski

A child wanders from village to village in Eastern Europe during World War II, experiencing one horror after another.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

I, Claudius

by Robert Graves

Considered to be the best fictional reconstruction of Rome ever written, this is an 'autobiography' of Claudius, who was despised as a weakling and considered an idiot. Historical fiction.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Assistant

by Bernard Malamud

A story of crime and punishment, of love and redemption, that is startling and timeless, by the Pulitzer Prize winning author

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Call It Sleep

by Henry Roth

A sensitive boy's growing up is one strand in a complex web of his parent's tense life, their immigrant strangeness in a new land.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Death of the Heart

by Elizabeth Bowen

A piercing story of innocence betrayed, as Portia, the product of a blithe itinerant childhood, meets Eddie, a brash, handsome, charming cad.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

To the Lighthouse

by Virginia Woolf

Sweeping, lyrical, novel that moves brilliantly among the thoughts and feelings of the Ramsey family and their summer house guests.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Day of the Locust

by Nathanael West

Hollywood of the 1930s, as seen through the eyes of artist and set designer Tod Hackett

Date Added: 05/25/2017

A Handful of Dust, and Decline and Fall

by Evelyn Waugh

2 of Waugh's novels: the first a commentary on the well-mannered death struggles of the upper class; the second satirizes England's sacred cows

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Naked Lunch

by William S. Burroughs

Delirious, nonlinear ravings of a junkie in hell. Also includes excerpts from the Boston trial where it was declared not obscene in 1966.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Under the Volcano

by Malcolm Lowry

This novel chronicles an entire lifetime in the course of a single day, a day which is the last in the life of British consul Geoffrey Firmin.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Corrections

by Jonathan Franzen

Novel about the old-fashioned world of civic virtue and sexual inhibition colliding with the era of home surveillance, hands-off parenting, and globalized greed.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

A group of English school boys, marooned on a desert island, attempt to establish something they can call civilization.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

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