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Hadley School for the Blind Collection

Description: Recommended Reads for students at Hadley School for the Blind #disability #adults

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Abacus Made Easy Mae E. Davidow 05/25/2017
Don't Know Much About History Kenneth C. Davis 05/25/2017
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens 05/25/2017
A Scandal in Bohemia Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 05/25/2017 Read Now
Sister Carrie Theodore Dreiser 05/25/2017 Read Now
Pacemaker World History Pearson Education 05/25/2017
Cool Careers for Dummies (2nd edition) Marty Nemko and Paul Edwards and Sarah Edwards 05/25/2017
Founding Brothers Joseph J. Ellis 05/25/2017
Overnight Career Choice Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin 05/25/2017
Going Blind Mara Faulkner 05/25/2017
Pacemaker General Science (3rd edition) Globe Fearon 05/25/2017
A Hand Well Played Anne Hobson Freeman 05/25/2017
The Feminine Mystique Anna Quindlen and Betty Friedan 05/25/2017
Crime And Punishment In American History Lawrence Friedman 05/25/2017
Franchising Richard Lloyd and Frederick H. Gerlach and Philip F. Zeidman and Hanns Peter Muth 05/25/2017
The Imprisoned Guest Elisabeth Gitter 05/25/2017
Collaborative Assessment Stephen A. Goodman and Stuart H. Wittenstein 05/25/2017
No Ordinary Time Doris Kearns Goodwin 05/25/2017
The Fifties David Halberstam 05/25/2017
University of Courage Donald Wing Hathaway 05/25/2017
Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired and Blind People Marion A. Hersh and Michael A. Johnson 05/25/2017
Defiance Valerie Hobbs 05/25/2017
Les Misérables Victor Hugo and Charles E. Wilbour 01/15/2019
A People's History of the Supreme Court Peter Irons 05/25/2017
No Finish Line Sally Jenkins and Marla Runyan 05/25/2017

Showing 26 through 50 of 99 results