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High Interest Y. A. Novels

Description: High Interest, Low Vocabulary books are for teenagers looking to advance their reading capabilities. Perfect for emerging teen readers. #teens

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Title Author Date Added Action
Misconduct Beverly Scudamore 05/25/2017
Juggling Fire Joanne Bell 05/25/2017
Interference Lorna Schultz Nicholson 05/25/2017
Corner Kick Bill Swan 05/25/2017
Falling Star Robert Rayner 05/25/2017
Adrenaline High C. A. Forsyth 05/25/2017
Yellow Line Sylvia Olsen 05/25/2017
Written in Blood John Wilson 05/25/2017
Grind Eric Walters 05/25/2017
Chat Room Kristin Butcher 05/25/2017
Rebel Glory Sigmund Brouwer 05/25/2017
The Perfect Gymnast Michele Martin Bossley 05/25/2017
Saving Grace Darlene Ryan 05/25/2017
Underdog Eric Walters 05/25/2017
A Thousand Shades of Blue Robin Stevenson 05/25/2017
Red-line Blues Camilla Reghelini Rivers 05/25/2017
At Risk Jacqueline Guest 05/25/2017
Fixed Beth Goobie 05/25/2017
Belle of Batoche Jacqueline Guest 05/25/2017
Cracked Michele Martin Bossley 05/25/2017
Rebel's Tag K. L. Denman 05/25/2017
Heads Up Karen Hunter and Dawn Hunter 05/25/2017
No Problem Dayle Campbell Gaetz 05/25/2017
Marked Norah Mcclintock 05/25/2017
The Lottery Beth Goobie 05/25/2017

Showing 101 through 125 of 375 results