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High Interest Y. A. Novels

Description: High Interest, Low Vocabulary books are for teenagers looking to advance their reading capabilities. Perfect for emerging teen readers. #teens

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Title Author Date Added Action
Payback Deb Loughead 03/15/2018
Casting Lily Holly Bennett 03/15/2018
Shark Jeff Ross 03/15/2018
Shadow Mere Joyce 03/15/2018
Caged Norah Mcclintock 03/15/2018
Pop Quiz Tom Ryan 03/15/2018
Big Water Andrea Curtis 03/15/2018
Kryptonite Lesley Choyce 03/15/2018
Running on Empty Sonya Spreen Bates 03/15/2018
Heavy Freight Sigmund Brouwer 03/15/2018
Impossible Jocelyn Shipley 03/15/2018
Up North Jeff Ross 03/15/2018
Guilty Norah Mcclintock 03/15/2018
Can Your Outfit Change the World? Erinne Paisley 03/15/2018
Escalate Sigmund Brouwer 03/15/2018
Winter Road Kristin Butcher 03/15/2018
White Sand Blues Vicki Delany 03/15/2018
Can Your Smartphone Change the World? Erinne Paisley 03/15/2018
Learning Seventeen Brooke Carter 03/15/2018
Out of Tune Norah Mcclintock 03/15/2018
Plank's Law Lesley Choyce 03/15/2018
Worst Date Ever Melodie Campbell 03/15/2018
Hit the Ground Running Alison Hughes 03/15/2018
Speaking Our Truth Monique Gray Smith 03/15/2018
Plunge Eric Howling 03/15/2018

Showing 351 through 375 of 375 results