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Description: High Interest, Low Vocabulary books are for teenagers looking to advance their reading capabilities. Perfect for emerging teen readers. #teens

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by Don Trembath

Rufus and his sister Alexa hate each other at the best of times. When Rufus's friend Phil manages to hypnotize Alexa, Rufus is ready to enjoy the power. They begin by ordering Alexa to be kind to her parents and Phil. The plan backfires when Alexa sweetly suggests canceling an expensive family vacation in favor of a week at home playing board games. Then Alexa turns on the charm with Phil and suddenly Rufus has to deal with a lovesick amateur hypnotist. Rufus is certain it can't get any stranger until Alexa, still in her hypnotic state, is kind to the brother she's always hated and Rufus is more confused than he's ever been.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Death Wind

by William Bell

Allie's life has just taken a turn for the worse. Not only do her parents fight all the time, but she is failing classes at school and she thinks she may be pregnant. Unable to face her parents, she decides to run away. She hooks up with her friend Razz, a professional skateboarder, and goes on the road. When confrontations put Allie in danger, Razz and Allie head toward home and right into the path of a tornado. To survive the horror and destruction that follow the storm, she must find her inner strength.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

All Sleek and Skimming

by Lisa Heggum

A collection of 22 compelling short fiction for older teen readers.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Queen of the Toilet Bowl

by Frieda Wishinsky

When Renata is chosen to play the lead role in the school musical, students who used to ignore her start saying hello and congratulating her in the hall. She is happy until it becomes evident that Karin, a wealthy girl who expected to get the lead role, will go to great lengths to ruin Renata's reputation.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Three on Three

by Eric Walters

Nick and Kia get excited when their school gym teacher announces a "three-on-three" basketball tournament. The two most dedicated players in grade three, they know they'll be tough to beat. But when Nick finds out they'll be up against teams in grade four and five, he is ready to throw in the towel before they start. How can shrimps like them ever hope to beat the older kids? Kia, however, is undaunted. They need a third player for their team anyway, she reasons, so why not go after the best player in the school? Marcus is bigger, tougher and in grade five. But it's not as easy as Kia thinks to convince Marcus to join their team. And there's no guarantee the older boy won't change his mind before the tournament begins. Marcus is often uneasy around them, but worse, Kia and Nick find themselves making enemies of some of the kids in the upper grade. Nick realizes it's going to take more than skill at basketball to win this tournament and make friends with Marcus without becoming targets for the older kids off the court.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Impossible Things (Orca Books)

by Robin Stevenson

Cassidy thinks that making friends is impossible until she meets Victoria, who has some very unusual abilities.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Mikayla's Victory

by Cynthia Bates

Mikayla is excited and flattered when she's asked to represent her Ottawa school in the pentathlon at an upcoming track meet. As a good, all-round athlete she could do well in the event' s five different sports--all but one, that is. Mikayla's high jump is weak, and she's competing against Amelie, last year's high jump gold medalist. Mikayla is convinced that Amelie is the better athlete, and her spirits sink. But as she soon learns, success depends on more than the outcome of a single event. "Mikayla's Victory" is a lively story that explores the connections between self-confidence and success.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Out of Sight

by Robert Rayner

Linh-Mai has always admired the acrobatic moves of her soccer teams goalie -- Flyin' Brian. But her admiration becomes concern when an eye disease causes Brian to start losing his vision. She's determined to help Brian keep playing for as long as possible. But as his eyesight continues to deteriorate, it becomes clear that, to be a true friend, Linh-Mai must help Brian accept that some things are going to change.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Bonemender's Choice (Bonemender #3) (Orca Books)

by Holly Bennett

In this third volume of the Bonemender series, Dominic's children are kidnapped, but before they can be sold into slavery, a deadly plague strikes.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Absolute Pressure

by Sigmund Brouwer

Ian has been going to Key West every summer for years, helping his Uncle Gord at his dive shop and spending as much time as he can underwater. When he's not diving, he's admiring Sherri, the girl who works at the dive shop, and wondering how she would feel if he told her that he tastes blackberries whenever he sees her. A series of accidents leads Ian to believe that his uncle is in grave danger, but the truth is more complicated and terrifying than he could ever have imagined.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Down (Orca Soundings)

by Norah Mcclintock

After serving time for assault, Remy must learn to control his anger.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Whirlwind (Orca Books)

by Carol Matas

Ben flees Nazi Germany only to find himself in a battle for his life and his soul.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

A Tale Of Two Cities (An Adapted Classic)

by Charles Dickens

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. . . " With these famous words, Charles Dickens plunges the reader into the French Revolution. From the storming of the Bastille to the relentless drop of the guillotine, Dickens vividly captures the terror and upheaval of that tumultuous period. At the center is the novel's hero, Sydney Carton, a lazy, alcoholic attorney who, inspired by a woman, makes the supreme sacrifice. One of Dickens's most exciting novels. A Tale of Two Cities is a stirring classic of love, revenge, and redemption. Note: The classic novel has been adapted to utilize shorter sentences and simpler vocabulary. Unusual words are footnoted and defined at the bottom of the pages. There are study questions at the end of the book. Illustrations have been described.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Off the Wall

by Camilla Reghelini Rivers

Indoor soccer is what Lizzie does best. At school other kids bug her and her teacher thinks she' s a troublemaker, but during a game she feels focused, free. Lately, however, her younger sister Shelby has taken up the game. Shelby' s a nice kid, but she leads a charmed life--she copies everything Lizzie does, then does it better. Soon Shelby is a soccer star and her team is challenging Lizzie' s in tournament play. When the girls are pitted against each other on the field, hurt feelings fuel a brutal competition, with dangerous results. "Off the Wall" shows the difficulty of acknowledging the best qualities in those we love, and in ourselves.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Breathing Not Required

by Michele Martin Bossley

Gracie and her friend Laura are both on the synchronized swim team in their hometown of Cochrane, Alberta. Gracie is focused and hard-working, eager to be chosen for a solo. Laura is more relaxed about synchro, wanting above all to enjoy the sport. As the swim meet nears, these different approaches strain their friendship and threaten the success of the team itself. Lively and good humored, "Breathing Not Required" is a novel about competition, jealousy, and the importance of friendship.

Date Added: 05/25/2017


by Steven Barwin

Gregg's new stepsister joins the starting line-up of his hockey team.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Mud Happens

by Bill Swan

Matt and his teammates are disappointed when their favourite track coach can no longer lead the school team. But, their new coach is from the Riders dream team of elite athletes who have the potential to become "real" runners.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Treason in Eswy (The Warlocks of Talverdin #2) (Orca Books)

by K. V. Johansen

In this second volume of the Warlocks of Talverdin series, Maurey, the Nightwalker prince, helps young Princess Eleanor combat a plot by her enemies to take over the kingdom.

Date Added: 05/25/2017


by Patricia Murdoch

Julie is tired of being tormented at school, tired of not fitting in and being the butt of jokes. When her brother brings home a camera with images of her chief tormentor in a compromising situation, she sees a way to level the playing field. When her attempt at turning the tables goes wrong, she is left even more on the outside and struggling to do the right thing.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

The Haunting of Drang Island (Orca Books)

by Arthur G. Slade

The Haunting of Drang Island is a modern retelling of Old Norse and Icelandic myths. It combines all the best elements of the sagas: strong heroes, powerful enemies and a fast-paced story so full of detail it becomes entirely believable.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Dog Days

by Becky Citra

Brady is a dreadful card player and he doesn't like dogs. His mother has moved him across the country to be near to his grandfather who insists on playing (and winning) endless games of Crazy Eights and whose ornery, ancient dog makes Brady's life miserable. Abra, next door, is nice to him, but she dresses like a witch and she's a girl. The only way that Brady can see to make real friends in his new home is to enter the upcoming dog show, but how is he going to do that without a dog?

Date Added: 05/25/2017


by Diane Tullson

Some days it's just easier not to go to school at all. Adam has been slacking off lately, but today he stuck around to see his girlfriend. When Josh, who has been bullied mercilessly, brings a gun to school, the building is locked down and Adam is forced to risk everything to save himself and to find Zoe before Josh does. Calling on reserves he didn't know he had, Adam could end up a hero -- or a victim.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Alecia's Challenge

by Sandra Diersch

Alecia's soccer team, the Vancouver Burrards, is the one stable thing in her life. Everything else is new or changing: a new school, a new stepfather. When Anne, Alecia's friend and the Burrards' best player, decides to quit playing, Alecia decides to fight to keep the team together. She soon learns, however, that life's hardest matches are fought off the soccer pitch. Alecia's Challenge shows how the struggles and joys of life and sport are intertwined.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Out of Bounds

by Sylvia Gunnery

Jay Hirtle plays on the basketball team at Richmond Academy in a small rural Nova Scotian town. The team to beat is Centreville, where star player Mike Murphy is seen as Richmond's number one opponent. After the Hirtle house is destroyed by fire, Jay's family moves in with his grandfather and the kids must switch schools until the end of the school year. Jay has a choice: give up a basketball season, or play alongside his former enemy on the Centreville team.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Hit Squad

by James Heneghan

This is Mickey's first year at Grandview High. After transferring, all he wants to do is keep his head down, work hard and fit in with the upscale crowd. He is approached, because of his tough reputation, to join a group of students to take back the school from the bullies. Mickey finds himself caught up in a shadowy world of violence and retribution. When their planned payback goes horribly wrong, Mickey is forced to acknowledge the thin line between victim and victimizer.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Showing 351 through 375 of 375 results