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High Interest Y. A. Novels

Description: High Interest, Low Vocabulary books are for teenagers looking to advance their reading capabilities. Perfect for emerging teen readers. #teens

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Title Author Date Added Action
Teen Tragedy Julia Campbell 05/25/2017
Worst Date Ever Melodie Campbell 03/15/2018
In the Clear Anne Laurel Carter 05/25/2017
Learning Seventeen Brooke Carter 03/15/2018
Kryptonite Lesley Choyce 03/15/2018
Plank's Law Lesley Choyce 03/15/2018
Refuge Cove Lesley Choyce 05/25/2017
Running the Risk Lesley Choyce 05/25/2017
Skate Freak Lesley Choyce 05/25/2017
Sudden Impact Lesley Choyce 05/25/2017
Thunderbowl Lesley Choyce 05/25/2017
Wave Warrior Lesley Choyce 05/25/2017
The Odyssey (An Adapted Classic) Homer and Henry I. Christ 05/25/2017
After the Fire Becky Citra 05/25/2017
Dog Days Becky Citra 05/25/2017
Never to be Told Becky Citra 05/25/2017
Runaway Becky Citra 05/25/2017
Strawberry Moon Becky Citra 05/25/2017
Knock It Off Sherryl Clark 05/25/2017
Prove It! Sherryl Clark 05/25/2017
Take A Hike Sherryl Clark 05/25/2017
Feral (Orca Books) Bev Cooke 05/25/2017
Big Water Andrea Curtis 03/15/2018
Two Foot Punch Anita Daher 05/25/2017
Brothers on Ice John Danakas 05/25/2017

Showing 76 through 100 of 375 results