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Description: American Foundation for the BlindPress offers a wide range of information for students, professionals, researchers, and blind and visually impaired people and their families. #teachers #disability

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Non-Fiction Non-Sighted and Sighted Adults' Volumetric Perceptions of Functional Objects T. M. Nelson and C. J. Ladan and J. Epps 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Manual for the Stanford Multi Modality Imagery Test William L. Dauterman 05/25/2017
Teens, Children and Disabilities Mainstreaming and the American Dream Howard Nixon II 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Low Vision Jane N. Erin and Virginia E. Bishop and Anne Corn 05/25/2017
Career Education Looking at Employment Through a Lifespan Telescope Corinne Kirchner and Emilie Schmeidler and Alexander Todorov 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Living with Impaired Vision Anne Yeadon and Dava Grayson 05/25/2017
Senior An Introduction to Working with the Aging Person Who Is Visually Handicapped (2nd edition) Dava Grayson 05/25/2017
Braille Literacy Instructional Strategies for Braille Literacy Diane P. Wormsley and Frances M. D'Andrea 05/25/2017
Teens, Children and Disabilities The Influence of Parental Attitudes and Social Environment on the Personality Development of the Adolescent Blind Vita Stein Sommers 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Images of Blind and Visually Impaired People in the Movies, 1913-1985 Diane Wolfe and Wendy Erickson 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction HIV/AIDS Prevention Judy Matsuoka and Christine E. Pawelski. and Gaylen Kapperman 05/25/2017
Orientation and Mobility Hand in Hand Elga Joffee and Jeanne Glidden Prickett and Kathleen Mary Huebner and Therese Rafalowski Welch 05/25/2017
Braille Literacy Guidelines and Games for Teaching Efficient Braille Reading Sally S. Mangold and Myrna R. Olson 05/25/2017
Career Education The Future of Work for Disabled People Ian Morris and Wassily Leontief and Walter Y. Oi and William F. Gallagher and Curt Tausky and Timm Kainen and Lawrence A. Scadden and William J. Dennis and Dennis Chamot and Jesse M. Smith and Erich Bloch and Joseph F. Coates 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction From Homer to Helen Keller Richard Slayton French 05/25/2017
Low Vision Foundations of Low Vision Alan J. Koenig and Anne L. Corn 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Essays on Blindness Rehabilitation in Honor of Thomas J. Carroll John F. Muldoon 05/25/2017
Orientation and Mobility English / Spanish Basics for Orientation and Mobility Instructors Christian J. Foy 05/25/2017
Teens, Children and Disabilities The Effects of Blindness and Other Impairments on Early Development Zofja S. Jastrazembska 05/25/2017
General Academic Skills Early Focus Jessica S. Lambert and Diane L. Fazzi and Rona L. Pogrund 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Diabetes, Vision Impairment, and Blindness Allene R. Van Son 05/25/2017
Teens, Children and Disabilities The Development of Social Skills by Blind and Visually Impaired Students Sharon Zell Sacks and Linda S. Kekelis and Robert J. Gaylord-Ross 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction The Demography of Blindness Throughout the World Hyman Goldstein 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction The Demography and Causes of Blindness Hyman Goldstein 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Data on Blindness and Visual Impairment in the U. S. Corinne Kirchner 05/25/2017

Showing 26 through 50 of 66 results