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Deaf-Blind Special Collection

Description: A collection featuring biographies, fiction and non-fiction by and about members of the deaf-blind community. For books by and about members of the deaf community, visit: https://www.bookshare.org/browse/collection/249852 #disability

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Biography / Autobiography Haben Haben Girma 08/09/2019
Poetry Suddenly Slow John Lee Clark 12/19/2018
Culture Blind Rage Georgina Kleege 12/19/2018
Young Reader A Dog Called Homeless Sarah Lean 03/09/2018
Young Reader Can You Feel the Thunder? (First Edition) Lynn E. Mcelfresh 03/09/2018
Non-Fiction Usher's Syndrome Earlene Duncan and Hugh T. Prickett and Dan Finkelstein and Mccay Vernon and Toni Hollingsworth 03/08/2018
Young Reader Walk In My Shoes ed. Charlotte J. Dewitt 03/08/2018
Young Reader The Visitors Rebecca Mascull 03/08/2018
Fiction The Persistence of Vision John Varley 05/25/2017
Young Reader Helen Keller's Teacher Margaret Davidson 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography The Song of the Stone Wall Helen Keller 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography And The Journey Begins Cyril Axelrod 05/25/2017
Culture Signs of Resistance Paul K. Longmore and Lauri Umansky and Susan Burch 05/25/2017
Fiction Bird in the Hand Paul Hostovsky 05/25/2017
Fiction Of Such Small Differences Joanne Greenberg 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Your Child's Hearing Loss Debby Waldman and Jackson Roush 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography Words in My Hands Diane Chambers 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography Walking Free Rosezelle Boggs-Qualls and Darryl C. Greene 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography Helen Keller Dorothy Herrmann 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography On Different Roads Geraldine Lawhorn 05/25/2017
Sign Language / Training Independent Living Without Sight and Hearing Richard Kinney 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Bigger than the Sky Michele Wates and Rowen Jade 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography My Maggie Richard King 05/25/2017
Young Reader Helen Keller Margaret Davidson 05/25/2017
Young Adult Helen Keller Katharine E. Wilkie 05/25/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 75 results