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New York Times Bestsellers - Non-Fiction

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the top 10 non-fiction books from the New York Times bestseller list on a monthly basis. Books are added in as they become available. The month corresponds to the first time they appeared on the list.

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Year Month Title Author Date Added Action
2018 February Directorate S Steve Coll 02/16/2018
2018 February Jackie, Janet and Lee J. Randy Taraborrelli 02/09/2018
2018 February BRAVE Rose McGowan 02/09/2018
2018 February Rise and Kill First Ronen Bergman 02/09/2018
2018 February Notorious RBG Shana Knizhnik and Irin Carmon 02/02/2018
2018 February All-American Murder James Patterson and Alex Abramovich and Mike Harvkey 02/02/2018
2018 January Fire and Fury Michael Wolff 02/02/2018
2018 January The Square and the Tower Niall Ferguson 01/26/2018
2018 January How Democracies Die Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky 01/26/2018
2018 January Together We Rise Cond 233 Nast and Women'S March Organizers and The 01/26/2018
2018 January Trumpocracy David Frum 01/26/2018
2018 January It's Even Worse Than You Think David Cay Johnston 01/26/2018
2018 January Single State of Mind Andi Dorfman 01/19/2018
2018 January When Daniel H. Pink 01/19/2018
2018 January Home Sweet Murder James Patterson 01/12/2018
2018 January Horse Soldiers Doug Stanton 01/12/2018
2017 December The Last Black Unicorn Tiffany Haddish 12/15/2017
2017 December Let Trump Be Trump Corey R. Lewandowski and David N. Bossie 12/15/2017
2017 December Promise Me, Dad Joe Biden 12/14/2017
2017 December The Silk Roads Peter Frankopan 12/08/2017
2017 December Collusion Luke Harding 11/27/2017
2017 December God, Faith, and Reason Michael Savage 11/27/2017
2017 November What Unites Us Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner 05/14/2018
2017 November You Can't Spell America Without Me Kurt Andersen and Alec Baldwin 11/17/2017
2017 November Playing with Fire Lawrence O'Donnell 11/17/2017

Showing 51 through 75 of 380 results