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New York Times Best Sellers - Non-Fiction

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the top 10 non-fiction books from the New York Times best seller list on a monthly basis. Books are added in as they become available. The month corresponds to the first time they appeared on the list. #adults

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Year Month Title Author Date Added Action
2017 October Hit Refresh Bill Gates and Satya Nadella and Greg Shaw and Jill Tracie Nichols 10/06/2017
2017 September Killing England Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard 05/14/2018
2017 September The Paradigm Jonathan Cahn 05/14/2018
2017 September White Rage Carol Anderson 05/14/2018
2017 September Unstoppable Maria Sharapova 10/04/2017
2017 September The Autobiography of Gucci Mane Gucci Mane and Neil Martinez-Belkin 09/29/2017
2017 September Unbelievable Katy Tur 09/22/2017
2017 September What Happened Hillary Clinton 09/22/2017
2017 September Being Mortal Atul Gawande 09/15/2017
2017 September Being Mortal Atul Gawande 09/15/2017
2017 September It Takes Two Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott 09/15/2017
2017 September Fantasyland Kurt Andersen 09/15/2017
2017 September Life 3.0 Max Tegmark 09/08/2017
2017 September Helga's Diary Francine Prose and Neil Bermel and Helga Weiss 09/01/2017
2017 September Team of Rivals Doris Kearns Goodwin 09/01/2017
2017 September Outliers Malcolm Gladwell 09/01/2017
2017 September The New Jim Crow Cornel West and Michelle Alexander 09/01/2017
2017 August Hail to the Chin Bruce Campbell and John Hodgman and Craig Sanborn 09/22/2017
2017 August The Big Lie Dinesh D'Souza 09/20/2017
2017 August Stamped From The Beginning Ibram X. Kendi 08/25/2017
2017 August Why Buddhism is True Robert Wright 08/18/2017
2017 August Conscience of a Conservative Jeff Flake 08/11/2017
2017 August The Miracle of Dunkirk Walter Lord 08/04/2017
2017 August Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari 08/04/2017
2017 August Sapiens Yuval Harari 08/04/2017

Showing 626 through 650 of 906 results