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New York Times Best Sellers - Non-Fiction

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the top 10 non-fiction books from the New York Times best seller list on a weekly basis. Books are added in as they become available. The month corresponds to the first time they appeared on the list. #adults

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Year Month Title Author Date Added Action
2021 September Where Tomorrows Aren't Promised Carmelo Anthony 09/24/2021
2019 January White Fragility Michael Eric Dyson and Robin DiAngelo 01/17/2019
2022 November White Women Saira Rao and Regina Jackson 11/10/2022
2021 November Wholehearted Faith Jeff Chu and Rachel Held Evans 11/11/2021
2020 June Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Beverly Tatum 06/12/2020
2020 March Why Did I Come into This Room? Joan Lunden 03/20/2020
2020 February Why We Can't Sleep Ada Calhoun 04/22/2020
2022 July Why We Did It Tim Miller 07/07/2022
2023 September Why We Love Baseball Joe Posnanski 09/16/2023
2020 February Why We're Polarized Ezra Klein 02/07/2020
2021 October Wildland Evan Osnos 01/07/2022
2021 November Will Will Smith 11/19/2021
2019 September Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Caitlin Doughty 09/19/2019
2021 January Wintering Katherine May 01/08/2021
2019 October Witch Hunt Gregg Jarrett 10/18/2019
2021 September Woke, Inc. Vivek Ramaswamy 08/27/2021
2021 November Woke Racism John McWhorter 11/05/2021
2021 November Woke Up This Morning Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli 11/11/2021
2019 May A Woman of No Importance Sonia Purnell 04/25/2019
2019 February Women Rowing North Mary Pipher 03/26/2019
2019 February Women Rowing North Mary Pipher 03/26/2019
2019 April Working Robert A. Caro 04/18/2019
2020 June The World Richard Haass 05/29/2020
2021 April A World on the Wing Scott Weidensaul 04/09/2021
2020 April Wow, No Thank You. Samantha Irby 04/10/2020

Showing 676 through 700 of 714 results