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New York Times Best Sellers - Non-Fiction

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the top 10 non-fiction books from the New York Times best seller list on a monthly basis. Books are added in as they become available. The month corresponds to the first time they appeared on the list. #adults

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Year Month Title Author Date Added Action
2022 September What We Owe the Future William MacAskill 08/25/2022
2022 September Diana, William, and Harry James Patterson and Chris Mooney 08/25/2022
2022 August Life on the Mississippi Rinker Buck 08/18/2022
2022 August The Destructionists Dana Milbank 08/18/2022
2022 August Path Lit by Lightning David Maraniss 08/18/2022
2022 August I'm Glad My Mom Died Jennette McCurdy 08/18/2022
2022 August The Big Lie Jonathan Lemire 08/04/2022
2022 May Bloodlands Timothy Snyder 07/27/2022
2022 July Thank You for Your Servitude Mark Leibovich 07/21/2022
2022 July Invisible Storm Jason Kander 07/14/2022
2022 July Leadership Henry Kissinger 07/14/2022
2022 July Rogues Patrick Radden Keefe 07/07/2022
2022 July Why We Did It Tim Miller 07/07/2022
2022 July An Immense World Ed Yong 06/30/2022
2022 July How to Raise an Antiracist Ibram X. Kendi 06/23/2022
2022 July Rough Draft Katy Tur 06/23/2022
2022 July I'd Like to Play Alone, Please Tom Segura 06/23/2022
2022 July Battle for the American Mind Pete Hegseth and David Goodwin 06/23/2022
2022 June Scars and Stripes Tim Kennedy and Nick Palmisciano 06/16/2022
2022 June Battling the Big Lie Dan Pfeiffer 06/16/2022
2022 June James Patterson by James Patterson James Patterson 06/16/2022
2022 June Happy-Go-Lucky David Sedaris 06/09/2022
2022 June Here's the Deal Kellyanne Conway 06/02/2022
2022 June We Were Dreamers Simu Liu 05/26/2022
2022 June Mean Baby Selma Blair 05/26/2022

Showing 76 through 100 of 659 results