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New York Times Best Sellers - Children's

Description: Bookshare is pleased to present the top 10 Children's Young Adult and Middle Grade books from the New York Times best seller list currently available in our collection. The month and year represent when the title first hit the list. #kids #teens

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Year Month Category Title Author Date Added Action
2022 October Middle Grade Two Degrees Alan Gratz 11/23/2022
2022 November Middle Grade How Humans Took Over the World Yuval Noah Harari 11/14/2022
2022 November Middle Grade Sky Erin Hunter 11/10/2022
2022 October Middle Grade Boys Will Be Human Justin Baldoni 10/13/2022
2022 October Middle Grade The Door of No Return Kwame Alexander 10/07/2022
2022 January Middle Grade Ain't Burned All the Bright Jason Reynolds 10/04/2022
2022 June Middle Grade Lines of Courage Jennifer A. Nielsen 10/04/2022
2022 July Middle Grade The Fort Gordon Korman 10/04/2022
2022 August Middle Grade Thirst Varsha Bajaj 07/28/2022
2022 April Middle Grade Witchlings Claribel A. Ortega 07/12/2022
2022 May Middle Grade The Marvellers Dhonielle Clayton and Khadijah Khatib 07/12/2022
2022 July Middle Grade Search for Treasure Mary Alice Monroe 06/23/2022
2022 May Middle Grade Skandar and the Unicorn Thief A. F. Steadman 05/12/2022
2022 April Middle Grade River Erin Hunter 04/14/2022
2021 July Middle Grade The Official Harry Potter Baking Book Joanna Farrow 04/08/2022
2022 April Middle Grade Troublemaker John Cho 03/31/2022
2022 March Middle Grade Once Upon a Tim Stuart Gibbs 03/17/2022
2022 March Middle Grade The Ogress and the Orphans Kelly Barnhill 03/17/2022
2022 March Middle Grade New from Here Kelly Yang 03/10/2022
2022 March Middle Grade Map of Flames Lisa McMann 03/04/2022
2022 March Middle Grade The Ice Cream Machine Adam Rubin 03/04/2022
2021 November Middle Grade Black Ballerinas Misty Copeland 01/31/2022
2021 November Middle Grade Daughter of the Deep Rick Riordan 01/26/2022
2021 December Middle Grade How Do You Live? Genzaburo Yoshino 01/06/2022
2021 October Middle Grade Willodeen Katherine Applegate 01/06/2022

Showing 1 through 25 of 503 results