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District List: NYC Summer in the City Reading List

Description: A list of books from New York City's summer reading for #kids

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) Clever Trevor Sarah Albee 06/06/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) Roadrunner's Dance Rudolfo Anaya 06/06/2017
Silver Bunk (Grades 7-8) Whoosh! Chris Barton and Don Tate 07/06/2017
Bronze Bunk (Grades 6-7) Anything But Typical Nora Raleigh Baskin 06/22/2017
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) Not Norman Kelly Bennett and Noah Z Jones 06/21/2017
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) On a Beam of Light Vladimir Radunsky and Jennifer Berne 06/02/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Z is for Moose Kelly Bingham 07/05/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) Ruby's Wish Sophie Blackall and Shirin Yim 06/02/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) Ron's Big Mission Don Tate and Rose Blue and Corrine J Naden 06/23/2017
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) Those Shoes Maribeth Boelts and Noah Z. Jones 06/02/2017
Silver Bunk (Grades 7-8) Rebel in a Dress Melissa Sweet and Sylvia Branzei 06/22/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Pablo Neruda Monica Brown 06/06/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) Tito Puente Monica Brown and Rafael Lopez 06/02/2017
Gold Bunk (Grades 8-9) Bearwalker Joseph Bruchac and Sally Wern Comport 06/22/2017
Grade 4 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 3 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 5 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 2 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 1 Do the Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Bucket Filling From A to Z Carol Mccloud and Caryn Butzke and Glenn Zimmer 06/21/2017
Silver Bunk (Grades 7-8) An Angel For Solomon Singer Cynthia Rylant and Peter Catalanotto 06/22/2017
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) Mice and Beans Joe Cepeda and Pam Munoz Ryan 06/29/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Big Al Andrew Clements 06/02/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) The Mud Pony Caron Lee Cohen 06/02/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Big Mama's Donald Crews 06/02/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 116 results