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District List: NYC Summer in the City Reading List

Description: A list of books from New York City's summer reading for #kids

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Chrysanthemum Kevin Henkes 09/06/2019
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Not a Box Antoinette Portis 09/04/2019
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) Doctor De Soto William Steig 07/09/2019
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Abe Lincoln's Dream Lane Smith 07/07/2017
Silver Bunk (Grades 7-8) Whoosh! Chris Barton and Don Tate 07/06/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Fire! Fuego! Brave Bomberos Susan Middleton Elya 07/06/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Tiger in My Soup Kashmira Sheth 07/06/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Yo! Yes? Chris Raschka 07/06/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon Patty Lovell 07/06/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) Sonia Sotomayor Jonah Winter 07/06/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Sing Joe Raposo 07/06/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) One World One Day Barbara Kerley 07/06/2017
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) Looking Like Me Walter Dean Myers 07/06/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) I Got the Rhythm Connie Schofield-Morrison 07/06/2017
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) My Name is Yoon Helen Recorvits 07/05/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) How You Got So Smart David Milgrim 07/05/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Z is for Moose Kelly Bingham 07/05/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Eric Litwin 07/05/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Book Fiesta! Pat Mora 07/05/2017
Turquoise Bunk (Grades 2-3) Boy Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs! Kathleen V. Kudlinski 07/05/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Blackout John Rocco 07/05/2017
Orange Bunk (Grades 1-2) Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great Bob Shea 07/05/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! Mo Willems 07/05/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) If the World Were a Village David J. Smith. 07/05/2017
Red Bunk (Grades K-1) Let's Play in the Forest Claudia Rueda 06/30/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 116 results