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LGBTQIA+ Reads for YA Readers

Description: Enjoy this selection of LGBTQIA+ Young Adult fiction and non-fiction in celebration of LGBTQIA+ diversity. #teens

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Title Author Date Added Action
Meg & Linus Hanna Nowinski 04/12/2018
Honestly Ben Bill Konigsberg 04/12/2018
Mask of Shadows Linsey Miller 04/12/2018
Vanilla Billy Merrell 04/12/2018
That Inevitable Victorian Thing E. K. Johnston 04/12/2018
We Now Return to Regular Life Martin Wilson 04/12/2018
A Line in the Dark Malinda Lo 04/12/2018
Wild Beauty Anna-Marie Mclemore 04/12/2018
A Very, Very Bad Thing Jeffery Self 04/12/2018
Radical E. M. Kokie 04/12/2018
Drag Teen Jeffery Self 04/12/2018
Leah on the Offbeat Becky Albertalli 05/04/2018
Lily and Dunkin Donna Gephart 05/14/2018
Reign of the Fallen Sarah Glenn Marsh 05/21/2018
King Geordi the Great Gene Gant 05/21/2018
The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza Shaun David Hutchinson 05/21/2018
The Last to Let Go Amber Smith 05/21/2018
All Out Saundra Mitchell 05/21/2018
Inkmistress Audrey Coulthurst 05/21/2018
White Rabbit Caleb Roehrig 05/21/2018
Girl Made of Stars Ashley Herring Blake 05/21/2018
Love & Other Carnivorous Plants Florence Gonsalves 05/21/2018
Lizzie Dawn Ius 05/21/2018
Symptoms of Being Human Jeff Garvin 05/21/2018
Schooled Jeff Adams 05/29/2018

Showing 51 through 75 of 156 results