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39 Clues Spin-Off series: titles by other authors

Description: Continue on the quest to find the Cahill family secrets -- and more! Grades 4 - teens #series #kids

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Title Author Date Added Action
A King's Ransom Jude Watson 07/17/2017
The Medusa Plot Gordon Korman 07/17/2017
The Dead of Night Peter Lerangis 07/17/2017
Trust No One Linda Sue Park 07/17/2017
Day of Doom David Baldacci 07/17/2017
Ignition Clifford Riley 07/17/2017
Spymasters Clifford Riley 07/17/2017
The Submarine Job Clifford Riley 07/17/2017
The Redcoat Chase Clifford Riley 07/17/2017
The Houdini Escape Clifford Riley 07/17/2017
Silent Night Clifford Riley 07/17/2017
Nowhere to Run Jude Watson 07/17/2017
Breakaway Jeff Hirsch 07/17/2017
Countdown Natalie Standiford 07/17/2017
Flashpoint Gordon Korman 07/17/2017
Mission Titanic Jude Watson 07/17/2017
Mission Hindenburg C. Alexander London 07/17/2017
Mission Hurricane Jenny Goebel 07/17/2017
Mission Atomic Sarwat Chadda 07/17/2017
Outbreak C. Alexander London 07/17/2017
Invasion Clifford Riley 03/30/2018
Shatterproof Roland Smith 03/30/2018
Hunted Clifford Riley 03/30/2018
Turbulence Clifford Riley 03/30/2018
Legacy Clifford Riley and Scholastic Multi-Platform 03/30/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 28 results