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ALA Award Winners - Children's

Description: The American Library Association offers a wide range of awards recognizing excellence in children's and middle grade literature. This collection contains winners of the AIYLA, Batchelder, Belpre, Seuss Geisel, and Stonewall awards. #award #kids

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Year Award Title Author Date Added Action
2000 Belpre Under the Royal Palms Alma Flor Ada 08/07/2017
2016 Seuss Geisel Don't Throw It To Mo! David A. Adler 07/21/2017
2015 Belpre I Lived on Butterfly Hill Marjorie Agosin and Lee White 08/07/2017
2016 Batchelder The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy Beatrice Alemagna 07/21/2017
2004 Belpre Before We Were Free Julia Alvarez 08/07/2017
2010 Belpre Return To Sender Julia Alvarez 08/07/2017
2018 Belpre Lucky Broken Girl Ruth Behar 02/12/2018
2003 Batchelder The Thief Lord Christian Birmingham and Cornelia Funke 07/21/2017
2011 Batchelder A Time of Miracles Y. Maudet and Anne-Laure Bondoux 07/21/2017
2006 AIYLA Hidden Roots Joseph Bruchac 08/07/2017
2016 AIYLA Little You Richard Van Camp 08/07/2017
2006 Belpre The Tequila Worm Viola Canales 08/07/2017
2001 Batchelder Samir and Yonatan Daniella Carmi and Yael Lotan 07/21/2017
2018 Stonewall Little & Lion Brandy Colbert 02/12/2018
2008 AIYLA Counting Coup Joseph Medicine Crow and Herman J. Viola 08/07/2017
2013 Belpre Martin de Porres David Diaz and Gary D. Schmidt 10/17/2018
2011 Seuss Geisel Bink and Gollie Kate Dicamillo and Alison Mcghee 07/21/2017
2006 AIYLA The Birchbark House Louise Erdrich 08/07/2017
1986 Batchelder Rose Blanche Christophe Gallaz 07/21/2017
2016 Stonewall George Alex Gino 07/21/2017
2012 AIYLA Triple Threat (Sports Stories) Jacqueline Guest 08/07/2017
2002 Batchelder How I Became an American Karin Gundisch and James Skofield 07/21/2017
1985 Batchelder The Island on Bird Street Uri Orlev and Hillel Halkin 07/21/2017
1992 Batchelder The Man from the Other Side Hillel Halkin and Uri Orlev 07/21/2017
2010 Seuss Geisel Benny and Penny in the Big No-No! Geoffrey Hayes 07/21/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 54 results