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Asian American Fiction K-12

Description: Explore the wide range of identities under the Asian/Pacific American umbrella with these K-12 books from the Asian/Pacific American Library Association's Literature Award and the National Education Association's Asian American Booklist. #kids #teens

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Children's Drawn Together Minh LĂȘ 04/23/2020
Children's Prairie Lotus Linda Sue Park 04/23/2020
Young Adult Yolk Mary H. Choi 04/07/2021
Middle Grade The Comeback E. L. Shen 04/07/2021
Young Adult American Panda Gloria Chao 04/07/2021
Middle Grade Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen Debbi Michiko Florence and Elizabet Vukovic 04/07/2021

Showing 76 through 81 of 81 results