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Word Beta Test Reading List

Description: These titles were used during our Beta testing phase. Please feel free to try any of them now, while we convert the rest of the Bookshare library.

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Title Author Date Added Action
Thirteen Reasons Why Jay Asher 08/30/2017
Mari Bariethi-01 Mari Bariethi Suresh Dalal 08/21/2017
The Outsiders S. E. Hinton 08/30/2017
Algebra Ernest Shult and David Surowski 08/21/2017
Plant Genetics Nancy White and Ken Cameron 09/21/2017
Así Se Dice! Spanish 2 Conrad J. Schmitt 08/21/2017
The Silent Corner: A Novel of Suspense Dean Koontz 08/29/2017
Wired Julie Garwood 08/29/2017

Showing 51 through 58 of 58 results