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Who Was? A Series of Biographies for Kids

Description: This series tells the incredible stories of trailblazers, legends, innovators, and creators. Explore this non-fiction collection of biographies written especially for children. #kids #series

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Title Author Date Added Action
Who Was Queen Elizabeth? June Eding 01/03/2018
Who Was Pablo Picasso? True Kelley and Nancy Harrison 01/03/2018
Who Was John F. Kennedy? Nancy Harrison and Yona Zeldis Mcdonough and Jill Weber 01/03/2018
Who Was Leonardo da Vinci? Roberta Edwards and True Kelley 01/03/2018
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? Bonnie Bader 01/03/2018
Who Was Milton Hershey? Ted Hammond and James Buckley 10/30/2017
Who Was Henry Ford? Nancy Harrison and Ted Hammond and Michael Burgan 10/30/2017
Who Was Walt Disney? Whitney Stewart 10/30/2017
Who Was Ronald Reagan? Joyce Milton and Nancy Harrison and Elizabeth Wolf 10/30/2017
Who Was Daniel Boone? Sydelle Kramer 10/30/2017
Who Was Steve Jobs? Meg Belviso and Pam Pollack 10/30/2017
Who Was Steve Irwin? Dina Anastasio and Jim Eldridge 10/30/2017
Who Was Jacqueline Kennedy? Joseph J. Qiu and Bonnie Bader 10/30/2017
Who Was King Tut? True Kelley and Roberta Edwards 10/30/2017
Who Was Babe Ruth? Joan Holub 10/30/2017
Who Was Rosa Parks? Nancy Marchesi and Yona Zeldis Harrison and Mcdonough and Stephen 10/30/2017
Who Was Michael Jackson? Megan Stine 10/30/2017
Who Was Princess Diana? Ellen Labrecque and Jerry Hoare and Nancy Harrison 10/30/2017
Who Was Frederick Douglass? Robert Squier and Nancy Harrison and April Jones Prince 10/30/2017
Who Was Roberto Clemente? Nancy Harrison and James Buckley and Ted Hammond 10/30/2017
Who Was Rachel Carson? Dede Putra and Sarah Fabiny and Nancy Harrison 10/30/2017
Who Was Helen Keller? Gare Thompson 10/30/2017
Who Was Gandhi? Dana Meachen Rau and Nancy Harrison and Jerry Hoare 10/30/2017
Who Was Marco Polo? Nancy Harrison and Joan Holub and John O'Brien 10/30/2017
Who Was Ben Franklin? Nancy Harrison and Dennis Brindell Fradin and John O'Brien 10/30/2017

Showing 51 through 75 of 138 results