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Winter Holiday Reads

Description: Check out this eclectic holiday collection of adult fiction and non-fiction books spanning across various countries, religions, and winter landscapes! #holiday #adults

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Title Author Date Added Action
The History of the Snowman Bob Eckstein 12/07/2017
Home for the Holidays Debbie Macomber 12/07/2017
Burning Bright Megan Hart and Stacey Agdern and Jennifer Gracen and Kk Hendin 12/07/2017
Las Christmas Esmeralda Santiago and Joie Davidow 12/07/2017
Fruits of the Harvest Eric V. Copage 12/07/2017
Holiday in Death J. D. Robb 12/07/2017
Nicholas Jeremy Seal 12/07/2017
The Snow Child Eowyn Ivey 12/07/2017
You Better Not Cry Augusten Burroughs 12/07/2017
A Season of Love Kim Watters 12/07/2017
The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas Sean Tejaratchi and Al Ridenour 12/07/2017
You Better Knot Die Betty Hechtman 12/07/2017
Dedicate and Celebrate Barry Rubin and Family 12/07/2017
Winter Solstice Elin Hilderbrand 12/07/2017
The True Saint Nicholas William J. Bennett 12/07/2017
Snow Country Yasunari Kawabata and Edward G. Seidensticker 12/07/2017
Chicken Soup for the Soul Amy Newmark 12/07/2017
Hanukkah in America Dianne Ashton 12/07/2017
Mischief and Mistletoe Joann and Putney and Mary Jo and Bourne 12/07/2017
Krampus Brom 12/07/2017
Winter Street Elin Hilderbrand 12/07/2017
Saint Nicholas Joe Wheeler 12/07/2017
Crimson Snow Martin Edwards 12/07/2017
Advent with Pope Francis Marianne Lorraine Trouvé FSP 12/07/2017
A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens 12/07/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 50 results