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Dear America

Description: Historical fiction for middle grade readers (ages 8-14 or grades 4-9). Each novel's protagonist tells a different story of what it is like to be a young woman in America. #kids #series

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Year Title Author Date Added Action
1774 Love Thy Neighbor Ann Turner 02/15/2018
1932 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall This title is no longer available. Barry Denenberg 02/15/2018
1932 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Barry Denenberg 06/24/2019
1881 My Face to the Wind Jim Murphy 07/20/2018
1880 My Heart Is On the Ground Ann Rinaldi 02/15/2018
1941 My Secret War Mary Pope Osborne 02/15/2018
1938 One Eye Laughing, The Other Weeping Barry Denenberg 02/15/2018
1859 A Picture of Freedom Patricia C. Mckissack 02/15/2018
1847 So Far from Home Barry Denenberg 02/15/2018
1763 Standing in the Light Mary Pope Osborne 02/15/2018
1935 Survival in the Storm Katelan Janke 02/15/2018
1846 Valley of the Moon Sherry Garland 02/15/2018
1912 Voyage On The Great Titanic Ellen Emerson White 02/15/2018
1883 West to a Land of Plenty Jim Murphy 02/15/2018
1917 When Christmas Comes Again Beth Seidel Levine 02/15/2018
1864 When Will This Cruel War Be Over? Barry Denenberg 02/15/2018
1968 Where Have All the Flowers Gone? The Diary of Molly MacKenzie Flaherty (Dear America) Ellen Emerson White 07/20/2018
1777 The Winter of Red Snow Kristiana Gregory 02/15/2018
1954 With the Might of Angels Andrea Davis Pinkney 02/15/2018

Showing 26 through 44 of 44 results