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YA Featuring Characters with a Visual Impairment

Description: Check out this collection of young adult novels featuring characters with visual impairments. (These books are suitable for readers ages 13 and up or in grades 8 and up.)

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Blind Sighted

by Peter Moore

Kirk, a creative misfit who is in trouble at high school because he is bored with his classes, learns to deal with his alcoholic mother, new friends, and life with the help of a blind young woman

Date Added: 02/21/2018

The Young Unicorns

by Madeleine L'Engle

Members of the Austin family, a young blind pianist, an ex gang member, and an Episcopal canon thwart an evil takeover of New York City and the cathedral. (3rd book in the Austin series.)

Date Added: 02/16/2018


by Priscilla Cummings

In many ways, Natalie O'Reilly is a typical fourteen year old girl. But a routine visit to the eye doctor produces devastating news: Natalie will lose her sight within a few short months. Suddenly her world is turned upside down.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Miss Spitfire

by Sarah Miller

Annie Sullivan was little more than a half-blind orphan with a fiery tongue when she arrived at Ivy Green in 1887.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Ghost Boy

by Iain Lawrence

Harold Kline is an albino--an outcast. Folks stare and taunt, calling him Ghost Boy. It's been that way all of his 14 years. So when the circus comes to town, Harold runs off to join it.

Date Added: 03/28/2018

Secondhand World

by Katherine Min

Isadora Myung Hee Sohn--Isa--has just spent ninety-five days in a pediatric burn unit in Albany, New York, recovering from the fire that burned her house and killed her parents.

Date Added: 03/28/2018

Girl, Stolen

by April Henry

When an impulsive carjacking turns into a kidnapping, Griffin, a high school dropout, finds himself more in sympathy with his wealthy, blind victim, sixteen-year-old Cheyenne, than with his greedy father.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

The Window

by Jeanette Ingold

A girl, blinded by the auto accident that killed her mother, comes to terms with her disability--and her new life.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Light a Single Candle

by Beverly Butler

After fourteen-year-old Cathy Wheelerloses her sight, she learns to cope through the help fo her supportive family, the effective but Spartan school for the blind, and ultimately her new guide-dog, Trudy.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Do You Dream in Color?

by Laurie Rubin

Colors, Rubin tells us, affect everyone through sound, smell, taste, and a vast array of emotions and atmospheres. She explains that although she has been blind since birth, she has experienced color all her life. In her memoir Do You Dream in Color?

Date Added: 03/08/2018

The Tragedy Paper

by Elizabeth Laban

Perfect for fans of Thirteen Reasons Why and Looking for Alaska, Jennifer Weiner, #1 New York Times bestselling author, calls Elizabeth LaBan's The Tragedy Paper "a beguiling and beautifully written tale of first love and heartbreak.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Golden Boy

by Tara Sullivan

Thirteen-year-old Habo has always been different--light eyes, yellow hair and white skin. Not the good brown skin his family has and not the white skin of tourists.  Habo is strange and alone.

Date Added: 03/28/2018

The Heart Of Applebutter Hill

by Donna Hill

Imagine you're 14 and in a strange country with your camera, your best friend, her guitar and her dog. You uncover a secret and are instantly in danger.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Things That Are

by Andrew Clements

Alicia may be blind, but that doesn?t mean she can?t see what?s happening right in front of her eyes. Like how her parents try to give her freedom. Or how Bobby?now Robert?has returned to figure out their relationship.

Date Added: 02/21/2018

The Fault in Our Stars

by John Green

Date Added: 02/16/2018

The Schwa was Here

by Neal Shusterman

They say his clothes blend into the background, no matter where he stands. They say a lot of things about the Schwa, but one thing's for sure: no one ever noticed him. Except me.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

All the Light We Cannot See

by Anthony Doerr

From the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr, the beautiful, stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the

Date Added: 02/16/2018


by Rachel Dewoskin

When Emma Sasha Silver loses her eyesight in a nightmare accident, she must relearn everything from walking across the street to recognizing her own sisters to imagining colors.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Not Fade Away

by Rebecca Alexander and Sascha Alper

Even a darkening world can be brilliantly lit from within.

Date Added: 02/21/2018

She is Not Invisible

by Marcus Sedgwick

Laureth Peak's father is a writer. For years he's been trying, and failing, to write a novel about coincidence. His wife thinks he's obsessed, Laureth thinks he's on the verge of a breakdown.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Not If I See You First

by Eric Lindstrom

Parker Grant doesn't need 20/20 vision to see right through you. That's why she created the Rules: Don't treat her any differently just because she's blind, and never take advantage. There will be no second chances.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story

by Ray Charles and David Ritz

Ray Charles (1930-2004) led one of the most extraordinary lives of any popular musician.

Date Added: 02/16/2018

Things Not Seen

by Andrew Clements

Bobby Phillips is an average fifteen-year-old-boy. Until the morning he wakes up and can't see himself in the mirror. Not blind, not dreaming-Bobby is just plain invisible.

Date Added: 02/21/2018

Akata Witch

by Nnedi Okorafor

Read Nnedi Okorafor's blogs and other content on the Penguin Community.Twelve-year-old Sunny lives in Nigeria, but she was born American. Her features are African, but she's albino.

Date Added: 03/28/2018

Love Blind

by C. Desir and Jolene Perry

Shy high schooler Kyle Jamieson and Hailey Bosler, a musician with degenerative blindness, team up to tackle a bucket list of greatest fears in this compelling novel that explores what it means to take risks.It starts with a list of fears.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

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