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Description: A strong collection featuring biographies, fiction and non-fiction by and about members of the deaf community. For books by and about individuals who are deafblind, visit https://www.bookshare.org/browse/collection/194343 #disability

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Title Author Date Added Action
Your Child's Hearing Loss Debby Waldman and Jackson Roush 03/08/2018
Moses Goes to School Isaac Millman 03/08/2018
Mary Mehan Awake Jennifer Armstrong 03/08/2018
Triumph of the Spirit Angel M. Ramos 03/08/2018
The Unheard Josh Swiller 03/08/2018
Read My Lips Teri Brown 03/08/2018
Seeing Voices Oliver Sacks 03/08/2018
The Cloak of Dreams Jack Zipes and Béla Balázs and Mariette Lydis 03/08/2018
Deaf Culture A to Z Walter Paul Kelley 03/08/2018
Unspeakable Graham Masterton 03/08/2018
Cultural and Language Diversity and the Deaf Experience Ila Parasnis 03/08/2018
The Deaf Musicians Pete Seeger and Paul Dubois Jacobs 03/08/2018
Eyes of Desire 2 Raymond Luczak 03/08/2018
Resilience in Deaf Children Katherine J. Pierce and Debra H. Zand 03/08/2018
I Have A Sister -- My Sister Is Deaf Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson 03/08/2018
Sound Friendships Elizabeth Yates 03/08/2018
Signing the Body Poetic W. J. T. Mitchell and Jennifer L. Nelson and H-Dirksen L. Bauman and William C. Stokoe and Heidi M. Rose 03/08/2018
Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man Ed Mcbain 03/08/2018
Listening with My Heart Angela Elwell Hunt and Heather Whitestone 03/08/2018
Kami and the Yaks Andrea Stenn Stryer 03/08/2018
Chelsea Paul Ogden 03/08/2018
Song Without Words Gerald Shea 03/08/2018
Eloquent Silence Sandra Brown 03/08/2018
Resistance Janet Graber 03/08/2018
Deaf American Poetry John Lee Clark 01/22/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 152 results