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Description: A strong collection featuring biographies, fiction and non-fiction by and about members of the deaf community. For books by and about individuals who are deafblind, visit https://www.bookshare.org/browse/collection/194343 #disability

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On the Fence

by Mark Drolsbaugh

Although Drolsbaugh is listed as author, he is actually the editor of writings by 37 individuals. They label themselves hard of hearing or hearing impaired. This is a very different population than the culturally deaf, signing community. Authors found their community in Self Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH), later renamed as HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America). A bio of the authors is included at the end. They vary from childhood age to the elderly.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Once In Every Life

by Kristin Hannah

Tess Gregorys brilliant career as a research scientist hides her longings for a husband and child. Though deaf, she is a free spirit-a woman full of life and love. She is struck down all too soon. But for Tess, a new life begins at her death, in post-Civil War America. She is now Amarylis Rafferty, wife and mother of three-and she can hear. Shocked and disoriented by her new surroundings, she is drawn into the savage heartache burdening the family, especially her husband, Jack. Pioneer living is rough for a woman used to modern conveniences, but Tess flourishes, bringing happiness and hope to her daughters and her son-to all except her husband, a man haunted by angry, violent voices that give no rest to his bitter soul. A man who fears himself capable of anything. But Tess's faith is unshakable. Sheer determination will drive her as their hearts become entwined in a fierce struggle that can be tamed only by love itself....

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Once in a Lifetime

by Danielle Steel

Millions adored Daphne Fields, for she shared their passion, their pain, their joy, and their sorrow. But America's most popular novelist remained a closed book to the world -- guarding her life with a fierce privacy no reporter could crack.

Her life hides a myriad of secrets. The husband and daughter she lost in a fire. The son who barely survived it and would be deaf forever. The victories, the defeats, the challenges of facing life as a woman alone and helping her son meet the challenges of his handicap. A strong woman, she would not accept defeat, or help from anyone... until she found she could no longer face it alone.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Of Sound Mind

by Jean Ferris

Tired of interpreting for his deaf family and resentful of their reliance on him, high school senior Theo finds support and understanding from Ivy, a new student who also has a deaf parent.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

The Ocean Inside

by Autumn Libal

For Denzel, sound is a mysterious, mind-stretching thing. He can hear some sounds, but he can't figure out what those sounds mean. Half the time, he just ignores what he hears because none of it makes any sense. At other times, however, he tries to imagine what sound must be like for other people. Then he concentrates on sound intensely. He tries to picture sound, to feel sound, to smell and to taste sound. Because he cannot hear, Denzel tries to imagine sound the way other people might imagine what it's like to fly. But no matter how he tries, Denzel cannot imagine how it would feel to hear the way other people hear. Ten to 15 percent of all children in the United States are born with a hearing loss of some kind. Children who are deaf and hard of hearing face different types of challenges as they mature. Learning to communicate, overcome discrimination, and find their place in society can be difficult and confusing for children with hearing loss. The situation is complicated by the fact that their peers, teachers, and parents may not understand their needs. In The Ocean Inside: Youth Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, you will follow Denzel through his own journey through deafness. As you do, you will learn: * the unique challenges facing children who are deaf and hard of hearing, * strategies for dealing with these challenges and approaches to deaf education, and * accomplishments that other deaf people have made along the way.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

No Excuses

by Marcus Brotherton and Derrick Coleman Jr.

The first deaf athlete to play offense in the NFL (and win a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks!) relates his inspirational story of hard work and determination in his own words. Great for readers of all ages.The inspirational memoir from the popular current Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman Jr., who, in just his second year in the NFL, won the 2014 Super Bowl with the Seahawks. Showcasing his unlikely and challenging journey to become the first deaf offensive NFL player, he talks about overcoming internal obstacles and external obstacles (bullies and naysayers) in the course of reaching your true potential.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Nobody's Perfect

by Marlee Matlin and Doug Cooney

"She's practically perfect," Megan said thoughtfully. She repeated the new girl's name, practicing the way Ms. Endee had written it on the whiteboard. Alexis Powell. Megan has spent forever planning her positively purple birthday sleepover. She's even made glittery purple invitations for every girl in her class. Then a new girl, Alexis, joins their class. Alexis seems perfect: She's smart, pretty, and rules the soccer games on the playground. But no matter how hard Megan tries to be a friend to Alexis, the new girl is aloof or rude. At first, Megan thinks Alexis is shy. Then Megan starts to fear that Alexis is treating her differently because she's deaf. When the girls are forced to collaborate on a science fair project, Megan learns the truth -- and realizes that nobody's perfect. Once again Marlee Matlin draws on experiences from her own childhood to tell Megan's story. In this funny, poignant book, readers will root for Megan, a spirited young girl who doesn't let anything stand in her way.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

My Sister's Voice

by Mary Carter

Every love leaves an echo. . .

What do you do when you discover your whole life was a lie? In Mary Carter's unforgettable new novel, one woman is about to find out...

At twenty-eight, Lacey Gears is exactly where she wants to be. An up-and-coming, proudly Deaf artist in Philadelphia, she's in a relationship with a wonderful man and rarely thinks about her difficult childhood in a home for disabled orphans. That is, until Lacey receives a letter that begins, "You have a sister. A twin to be exact. . ." >P>Learning that her identical, hearing twin, Monica, experienced the normal childhood she was denied resurrects all of Lacey's grief, and she angrily sets out to find Monica and her biological parents. But the truth about Monica's life, their brief shared past, and the reason for the twins' separation is far from simple. And for every one of Lacey's questions that's answered, others are raised, more baffling and profound.Complex, moving, and beautifully told, My Sister's Voice is a novel about sisterhood, love of every shape, and the stories we cling to until real life comes crashing in. . .

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Multilingual Aspects of Signed Language Communication and Disorder

by David Quinto-Pozos

Inquiry into signed languages has added to what is known about structural variation and language, language learning, and cognitive processing of language. However, comparatively little research has focused on communication disorders in signed language users. For some deaf children, atypicality is viewed as a phase that they will outgrow, and this results in late identification of linguistic or cognitive deficits that might have been addressed earlier. This volume takes a step towards describing different types of atypicality in language communicated in the signed modality such as linguistic impairment caused by deficits in visual processing, difficulties with motor movements, and neurological decline. Chapters within the book also consider communication differences in hearing children acquiring signed and spoken languages.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Moses Goes to School

by Isaac Millman

Moses goes to a special school, a public school for the deaf. All his classmates are deaf or hard of hearing, but that doesn't mean they don't have a lot to say to each other! They communicate in American Sign Language, using visual signs and facial expressions. This is called signing. Isaac Millman follows Moses through a school day, telling the story in pictures and written English, and in American Sign Language (ASL), introducing hearing children to the signs for some of the key words and ideas, including a favorite song in sign language. You can sign along! Picture descriptions describe each sign and its movements.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Moses Goes to the Circus

by Isaac Millman

Experience the Big Apple's Circus of the Senses Moses and his family are going to the circus. Not just any circus but the Big Apple's Circus of the Senses! In a single ring, there are acts by trapeze artists, acrobats, elephants, horses, and clowns - all specially designed for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and the blind. Moses's little sister, Renee, isn't deaf but is learning sign language, and Moses loves teaching her the signs for their day at the circus.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Moses Goes to a Concert

by Isaac Millman

"Moses and his school friends are deaf, but like most children, they have a lot to say. They communicate in American Sign Language, using visual signs and facial expressions. This is called signing. And even though they can't hear, they can enjoy many activities through their other senses. Today, Moses and his classmates are going to a concert. Their teacher, Mr. Samuels, has two surprises in store for them, to make this particular concert a special event."

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Morality Play

by Barry Unsworth

The time is the fourteenth century. The place is a small town in rural England, and the setting a snow-laden winter. A small troupe of actors accompanied by Nicholas Barber, a young renegade priest, prepare to play the drama of their lives. Breaking the longstanding tradition of only performing religious plays, the groups leader, Martin, wants them to enact the murder that is foremost in the townspeoples minds.

A young boy has been found dead, and a mute-and-deaf girl has been arrested and stands to be hanged for the murder. As members of the troupe delve deeper into the circumstances of the murder, they find themselves entering a political and class feud that may undo them. Intriguing and suspenseful, Morality Play is an exquisite work that captivates by its power, while opening up the distant past as new to the reader.
Man Booker Prize Finalist

Date Added: 03/08/2018

"Mommy, What Is Deaf?"

by Nikki Sian-Leigh Aksamit

The author of "Mommy, What is Dead?", Nikki Sian-Leigh Aksamit, has added "Mommy, What is Deaf?" as the next book in her "Mommy, What is...?" series. Aimed at preschool age children, "Mommy, What is Deaf?" explains sound, the definition of "deaf", and all the reasons why some people can not hear. With straight forward text, and uncomplicated drawings, young children easily understand how the ears work, and why in some people they do not. Kids are also challenged to "feel" the sounds around them, as deaf people do.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

A Mom for Matthew

by Roz Denny Fox

A wife for him-and a mother for his son?

Zeke Rossetti likes things to run smoothly. He's the single father of a deaf child, and his job managing offshore oil sites in the Texas Gulf doesn't allow for distractions. Grace Stafford is definitely a distraction.

She's searching for a downed plane, hoping to clear her grandfather's World War Two record. Unfortunately, Grace's mission interferes with Zeke's work-and he realizes the quickest way to get rid of her is to help her.

Zeke's been burned before. His ex-wife left him and Matthew. As he grows closer to Grace, Zeke begins to suspect she's the woman for him-but can she be a mom for Matthew?

Date Added: 03/08/2018

The Mission Adventure (Darcy and Friends)

by Joni Eareckson Tada and Steve Jensen

Although beeing in a wheelchair will make the trip difficult, Darcy feels called to go with members of her church on a mission to Guatemala where she and her sister help a deaf orphan.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Millionaire Dad

by Natasha Oakley

Nick Regan-Phillips: a millionaire, whom the world assumes has it all...but he's got a secret that he's kept from the world-he's a single dad. Nick's daughter, Rosie, is deaf. Nick missed the first five years of Rosie's life, but now she's come to live with him he's struggling to communicate with her....

Lydia Stanford: beautiful, courageous, award-^nnning journalist. And seemingly the only person who can help Nick forge a bond with his daughter..."But when their fragile relationship is tested, will , Lydia realize how much this millionaire dad really means to her-and needs her-before it is too late?

Date Added: 03/08/2018

The Mesa Conspiracy

by David Kent

David Kent unlocked the files of Department Thirty in his electrifying debut novel, "a thrill-a-minute ride" (Mystery Scene). Now he returns to the elusive government agency that erases criminal identities in exchange for lethal secrets -- in a heart-pounding new thriller. Raised by his tough but loving distant cousin Colleen, Eric Anthony never cared or asked what became of the parents who abandoned him early in life. But now Colleen is dying, and Eric, single dad to his young deaf son, is left with a mind-boggling mystery revealed in Colleen's last breaths: a cryptic directive from the man who was his father. Piecing together his shadowed past begins in the dust of Oklahoma's rugged terrain -- and leads to Department Thirty, where U.S. Marshal Faith Kelly chases the mastermind behind a wave of domestic terror. The nexus where their solo quests meet will have explosive implications for them both -- and will place many more than just themselves in grave danger.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Mary Mehan Awake

by Jennifer Armstrong

In a compelling sequel to the highly praised "The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan", Mairhe, who has now taken the name Mary, leaves Washington, D.C., to take a position as a domestic servant in upstate New York. The Civil War has ended. Mary's brother, Mike, has been killed at Gettysburg, her father has returned home to Ireland, and, after two years of nursing wounded and dying soldiers in the capital's hospitals, Mary is emotionally exhausted and physically defeated. But in her new life on the shores of Lake Ontario, Mary finds renewal and her senses gradually re-awaken. Each of the novel's five sections focuses on a different sense -- as Mary learns to assist explorer and naturalist Jasper Dorsett in photographing birds, she begins to see things with a photographer's eye; as she falls in love with Dorsett's stable hand, a veteran left deaf by the war, she learns to describe the sounds she hears for him; and so forth, through the renewal of smell, taste, and touch. This challenging and poetic young adult novel concludes Mary's story with a mixture of sparkling language, thematic richness, and emotional depth.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

A Man without Words

by Susan Schaller

A Man without Words vividly conveys the challenge, the frustrations, and the exhilaration of opening the mind of a congenitally deaf person to the concept of language.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

A Maiden's Grave

by Jeffery Deaver

Eight vulnerable girls and their helpless teachers are forced off a school bus and held hostage. The madman who has them at gunpoint has a simple plan: one hostage an hour will die unless the demands are met.

Called to the scene is Arthur Potter, the FBI's best hostage negotiator. He has a plan. But so does one of the hostages-a beautiful teacher who's willing to do anything to save the lives of her students. Now, the clock is ticking as a chilling game of cat and mouse begins.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

A Loss for Words

by Lou Ann Walker

From the time she was a toddler, Lou Ann Walker was the ears and voice for her deaf parents. Their family life was warm and loving, but outside the home, they faced a world that misunderstood and often rejected them.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Listening with My Heart

by Angela Elwell Hunt and Heather Whitestone

Heather Whitestone. Her name has become synonymous with incredible determination and unprecedented achievement. In Listening with My Heart, Heather tells her own story and the stories of others who have inspired her, proving that with hard work, perseverance, and faith, each of us can move mountains.

Profoundly deaf since she was eighteen months old, Heather strove to live a normal life, and refused to listen to the voices of discouragement that many of us so often hear, no matter what problems confront us. She wouldn't listen to the doctor who said she wouldn't develop beyond third-grade abilities, or to those who said she would never dance ballet, or even speak. She did, however, hear the encouraging spirit of her family and followed the guidance of her own heart's dreams.

Struggling through her difficulties, she was sustained by every success--no matter how small--and ultimately became Miss America 1995. Though she is disabled, her incredible gifts have inspired many throughout the world, and in Listening with My Heart she at last shares her life-changing wisdom.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

The Linguistics of British Sign Language

by Bencie Woll and Rachel Sutton-Spence

This is the first detailed explanation of the way British Sign Language works and is the product of many years' experience of research and teaching sign linguistics to deaf and hearing people. It assumes no previous knowledge of linguistics or sign language, and is not structured around traditional headings such as phonology, morphology and syntax. Instead it is set out in such a way as to help learners and their teachers understand the linguistic principles behind the language. There are sections on BSL grammar and also on the use of BSL, including social acceptability in signing, variation, and poetry and humour in BSL.

Technical terms and linguistic jargon are kept to a minimum, and the text contains many examples from English, BSL, and other spoken and sign languages. The book is amply illustrated and contains exercises, as well as a reading list for further study.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Deaf American Poetry

by John Lee Clark

“The Deaf poet is no oxymoron,” declares editor John Lee Clark in his introduction to Deaf American Poetry: An Anthology. The 95 poems by 35 Deaf American poets in this volume more than confirm his point. From James Nack’s early metered narrative poem “The Minstrel Boy” to the free association of Kristi Merriweather’s contemporary “It Was His Movin’ Hands Be Tellin’ Me,” these Deaf poets display mastery of all forms prevalent during the past two centuries. Beyond that, E. Lynn Jacobowitz’s “In Memoriam: Stephen Michael Ryan” exemplifies a form unique to Deaf American poets, the transliteration of verse originally created in American Sign Language.

This anthology showcases for the first time the best works of Deaf poets throughout the nation’s history — John R. Burnet, Laura C. Redden, George M. Teegarden, Agatha Tiegel Hanson, Loy E. Golladay, Robert F. Panara, Mervin D. Garretson, Clayton Valli, Willy Conley, Raymond Luczak, Christopher Jon Heuer, Pamela Wright-Meinhardt, and many others. Each of their poems reflects the sensibilities of their times, and the progression of their work marks the changes that deaf Americans have witnessed through the years. In “The Mute’s Lament,” John Carlin mourns the wonderful things that he cannot hear, and looks forward to heaven where “replete with purest joys/My ears shall be unsealed, and I shall hear.” In sharp contrast, Mary Toles Peet, who benefitted from being taught by Deaf teachers, wrote “Thoughts on Music” with an entirely different attitude. She concludes her account of the purported beauty of music with the realization that “the music of my inward ear/Brings joy far more intense.”

Clark tracks these subtle shifts in awareness through telling, brief biographies of each poet. By doing so, he reveals in Deaf American Poetry how “the work of Deaf poets serves as a prism through which Deaf people can know themselves better and through which the rest of the world can see life in a new light.”

Date Added: 01/22/2019

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