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Description: A strong collection featuring biographies, fiction and non-fiction by and about members of the deaf community. For books by and about individuals who are deafblind, visit https://www.bookshare.org/browse/collection/194343 #disability

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Moses Goes to a Concert

by Isaac Millman

"Moses and his school friends are deaf, but like most children, they have a lot to say. They communicate in American Sign Language, using visual signs and facial expressions. This is called signing. And even though they can't hear, they can enjoy many activities through their other senses. Today, Moses and his classmates are going to a concert. Their teacher, Mr. Samuels, has two surprises in store for them, to make this particular concert a special event."

Date Added: 03/08/2018

I Have A Sister -- My Sister Is Deaf

by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson

A young deaf child who loves to run and jump and play is affectionately described by her older sister.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Once In Every Life

by Kristin Hannah

Tess Gregorys brilliant career as a research scientist hides her longings for a husband and child. Though deaf, she is a free spirit-a woman full of life and love. She is struck down all too soon. But for Tess, a new life begins at her death, in post-Civil War America. She is now Amarylis Rafferty, wife and mother of three-and she can hear. Shocked and disoriented by her new surroundings, she is drawn into the savage heartache burdening the family, especially her husband, Jack. Pioneer living is rough for a woman used to modern conveniences, but Tess flourishes, bringing happiness and hope to her daughters and her son-to all except her husband, a man haunted by angry, violent voices that give no rest to his bitter soul. A man who fears himself capable of anything. But Tess's faith is unshakable. Sheer determination will drive her as their hearts become entwined in a fierce struggle that can be tamed only by love itself....

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Deaf Child Crossing

by Marlee Matlin

Megan is excited when Cindy moves into her neighborhood -- maybe she'll finally have a best friend. Sure enough, the two girls quickly become inseparable. Cindy even starts to learn sign language so they can communicate more easily.

But when they go away to summer camp together, problems arise. Cindy feels left out, because Megan is spending all of her time with Lizzie, another deaf girl; Megan resents that Cindy is always trying to help her, even when she doesn't need help. Before they can mend their differences, both girls have to learn what it means to be a friend.

A sensitive depiction of childhood friendship with its fragility, jealousies, and joys" - Booklist

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Sounds Like Skipper

by Kerena Marchant

Skipper is a shaggy-haired Jack Russell, one of the earliest dogs trained in a new scheme to help people suffering from deafness. The author, a permanent researcher for BBC TV, has been deaf since infancy. Modern technology can equip her with a special high-powered hearing aid, but Skipper enables her to live alone, summoning her to doorbells and telephones, waking her when the alarm rings, and warning her of such unexpected hazards as burglars or fire alarms. The author's story of life with Skipper is full of insights into the plight of the deaf in contemporary society.

Kerena tells her story of how she received Skipper a Jack Russell terror mix dog, and how his presence changed her life. She also discusses some problems that she experienced as a almost deaf person in a hearing world, and her experiences with the deaf community too.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

A Place for Grace

by Jean Davies Okimoto

Grace is a little dog with big dreams. She longs to be a seeing-eye dog, but is disappointed when she finds that she is too small for guide dog school. Grace isn't discouraged for long, though. She's discovered by Charlie, a deaf man who sees her perform a remarkable rescue and who knows a way she can use her eagerness and courage to help other people.

Charlie takes Grace to a hearing dog program, where she learns the skills dogs need to assist the hearing impaired throughout the day. School is difficult for Grace, but thanks to the flexibility of Mrs. Lombardi, the program director, and Charlie's encouragement, Grace finally succeeds in her own inimitable way.

A Place for Grace introduces children to the challenges of the hearing impaired and gives them the opportunity to see how people communicate through American Sign Language. Charlie uses some creative problem-solving to help Grace complete the hearing dog program; her struggles, hard work, and ultimate triumph make Grace an inspiring model for children facing obstacles in school and family life.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Sound Friendships

by Elizabeth Yates

From the book Jacket: Sound Friendships is the story of Willa Macy, who lost her hearing when she was fourteen years old, and Honey, a golden retriever, who helped her to discover a new world of independence and security. It is also a story about Hearing Dogs-their background, training, special abilities, and the unique relationship they develop with their owners in working to surmount the barriers of a physical handicap.

Date Added: 03/08/2018


by Paul Ogden

Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog is the heartwarming, humorous, inspirational love story of a young deaf couple and the beautiful Belgian sheepdog who acts as their "ears" When Paul and Anne Ogden felt they needed a better link to the hearing world, they turned to Canine Companions for independence, a unique organization that trains dogs to help deaf and disabled persons live more successfully and creatively with their special needs. ...

Once the Ogdens return home with Chelsea, the story unfolds in lively detail. Life in a deaf family with an "almost human" dog seems to be a constant series of adventures and misadventures, and as Chelsea matures into a proud professional, readers will be utterly captivated by her charm. In addition to being a heartfelt animal story, the book shows us life in the deaf world ...

Poignant, touching, and joyful, Chelsea reveals deeper truths about the way we communicate or fail to communicate with one another, while conveying the spirit of triumph that once again proves that dogs are man's (and woman's) best friend. Chelsea is a love story guaranteed to delight.

Paul W. Ogden, professor of deaf education at California State University at Fresno, is the coauthor of The Silent Garden: Understanding the Hearing-Impaired Child. He lives with his wife, Anne Keegan Ogden, R.N., and their signal dog, Chelsea. When Paul is not teaching, writing, or beachcombing, he is collecting stories from deaf people for an anthology.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Secret Signs

by Anita Riggio

In the mid-1800s, a boy and his mother help support themselves by making panoramic eggs of maple sugar. The boy, Luke, who is deaf, paints pictures that fit neatly inside the eggs. When a man bursts into their home and accuses them of hiding slaves, Luke's mother can honestly deny the charge. But she is that very day planning to meet their contact on the Underground Railroad to pass along information regarding the next "safe haven." Luke's mother is held at home, but the boy is courageous and resourceful in using his creative talents to help make the connection.

Date Added: 03/08/2018


by Virginia M. Scott

Gustie Blaine had it all--she was a cheerleader and an honor-roll student, she even got along with her parents--until the summer of her fifteenth year. That summer she got meningitis. It started with a headache, but in the end the illness left her deaf. Belonging is the story of how Gustie's life changed after that illness.

Gustie spent the first months of her recovery with hearing that yo-yoed. One day she could hear just about everything people said; the next, she understood almost nothing. She tried hearing aids, but they only made the garbled sounds louder, not clearer.

By the following winter her hearing was completely gone. Her best friend and confidante, Sara, suddenly had no time for her. School became a nightmare. She couldn't understand most of what was said in her classes. It was nearly impossible to keep up.

Gustie lived in a hearing world, and she felt cut off from everything and everyone. Even her parents. The old ease between them was now strained; accepting her hearing loss was hard. Traditions that the family had taken for granted, like sitting around the Christmas tree and listening to carols, were now impossible.

Gradually though, Gustie began to find new friends, like Lenore, a classmate who wasn't afraid of Gustie's deafness. She met Mr. Tate, a special education teacher, who showed her she still had choices, even in finding a way to communicate. And most importantly, she met Jack. He thought of her deafness as "part of the whole package."

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Dovey Coe

by Frances O'Roark Dowell

There have been Coes living in the mountains of Indian Creek, North Carolina, going on forever, and everyone in town is amazed that twelve-year-old Dovey might ur and do such a terrible thing. Even if the girl does have the tendency to shoot her mouth off, she's had good reason since she's always had to stick up for her brother, Amos, who may be older and bigger, but folks treat like he's slow on account of his being deaf. Her sister, Caroline, might shake her head over Dovey's high spirits, but if Caroline hadn't been letting the likes of Parnell Caraway hang around her all summer, Dovey wouldn't be in this mess. Dovey's not one to sit back when troubles are brewing, but now with this murder charge, for once she might just have to keep quiet and let the slick city lawyer take care of things, or will she?

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Your Child's Hearing Loss

by Debby Waldman and Jackson Roush

From a mother whose daughter has hearing loss, and an audiologist with more than twenty-five years of experience with deaf and hard-of-hearing children and their families, this comprehensive volume offers parents what they need to know from day-to-day practical solutions to technical information to emotional support.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Child of Silence

by Abigail Padgett

1st in mystery series. Bo Bradley, child abuse investigator with manic-depression rescues deaf child. Light, fast read, but excellent depiction of what's now called bi-polar disorder.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

I Danced

by Dora Tingelstad Weber

Weber presents a readable yet comprehensive look at cochlear implants and shares her own story:
why did she choose to hear?
how did she cope?
what were the frustrations with implants?

The book includes some technical information and lists of resources for those with hearing disabilities.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Silent Dances

by A. C. Crispin and Kathleen O'Malley

Deaf since birth, Tesa is the perfect ambassador to the alien Grus, whose sonic cries can shatter human ears. But her mission is harder than it looks. The Grus are not alone on their world. They have deadly enemies, both natural and otherwise. And if Tesa is to save all life on the planet, she will have to make peace with not one alien species but two.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

The Cry of the Gull

by Emmanuelle Laborit and Constantina Mitchell and Paul Raymond Cote

A memoir by a deaf, French actress who starred in the French production of Children of a Lesser God.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Sounds from Silence

by Graeme Clark

The author's interest in the development of improved hearing devices for the deaf arose from his interactions with his own father, who lost his hearing. Having worked in a pharmacy, Graham Clark developed a keen interest in pursuing a medical degree. His research and tenacity led him to develop the multiple contact bionic ear. The book takes us on a journey with the author through his life and his perseverance to develp this device.

Date Added: 03/08/2018


by William Peter Blatty

A young boy, a deaf-mute, is found horribly murdered. The detective assigned to the case sees it as part of a larger and more baffling mystery...

Date Added: 03/08/2018

The Mission Adventure (Darcy and Friends)

by Joni Eareckson Tada and Steve Jensen

Although beeing in a wheelchair will make the trip difficult, Darcy feels called to go with members of her church on a mission to Guatemala where she and her sister help a deaf orphan.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Moses Goes to School

by Isaac Millman

Moses goes to a special school, a public school for the deaf. All his classmates are deaf or hard of hearing, but that doesn't mean they don't have a lot to say to each other! They communicate in American Sign Language, using visual signs and facial expressions. This is called signing. Isaac Millman follows Moses through a school day, telling the story in pictures and written English, and in American Sign Language (ASL), introducing hearing children to the signs for some of the key words and ideas, including a favorite song in sign language. You can sign along! Picture descriptions describe each sign and its movements.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Silent Songs

by A. C. Crispin and Kathleen O'Malley

The men and women of StarBridge found intelligent life -- and new friends -- across the galaxy... In the skies of Trinity, the birdlike Grus welcomed the deaf human ambassador, Tesa. In the seas of Trinity, the aquatic Singers communicated with the young telepath, Jib. But on the surface of Trinity, a different kind of life form has landed. They are amphibious beings from a distant world. And they are definitely -not- friendly...

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Our Stories

by Marianne Decher

Short vignettes of real life sign language interpreting experiences that left a mark on interpreters' souls. Some pieces are funny, some serious. A few are written by Deaf and Deaf-Blind consumers.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

A Maiden's Grave

by Jeffery Deaver

Eight vulnerable girls and their helpless teachers are forced off a school bus and held hostage. The madman who has them at gunpoint has a simple plan: one hostage an hour will die unless the demands are met.

Called to the scene is Arthur Potter, the FBI's best hostage negotiator. He has a plan. But so does one of the hostages-a beautiful teacher who's willing to do anything to save the lives of her students. Now, the clock is ticking as a chilling game of cat and mouse begins.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

Inside Deaf Culture

by Tom Humphries and Carol Padden

In this [account] of the changing life of a community, the authors of Deaf in America reveal historical events and forces that have shaped the ways that Deaf people define themselves today. Inside Deaf Culture relates Deaf people's search for a voice of their own, and their proud self-discovery and self description as a flourishing culture.

Padden and Humphries show how the nineteenth-century schools for the deaf, with their denigration of sign language and their insistence on oralist teaching, shaped the lives of Deaf people for generations to come. They describe how Deaf culture and art thrived in mid-twentieth-century Deaf clubs and Deaf theater, and they profile controversial contemporary technologies.

Most triumphant is the story of the survival of the rich and complex American Sign Language long misunderstood but finally recognized by a hearing world that could not conceive of language in a form other than speech. In a moving conclusion, the authors describe their own very different pathways into the Deaf culture, and reveal the confidence and the anxiety of the people of this tenuous community as it faces the future.

Date Added: 03/08/2018


by Frances Itani

This novel interweaves the lives of its two main characters - Grania, deaf since age five; and her husband Jim, who serves as a medic on the battlefields of World War I. The story begins with Grania's childhood in a small Canadian town, and her years at a residential school for the deaf. Her relationships within her family are portrayed with insight and depth. Jim leaves for Europe two weeks after his marriage to Grania, and much of the book involves his horrifying experience of the war. The author based Grania's character on her own grandmother, who was deaf, and has done extensive research on both deaf history and the social history of the World War I era. This is an absorbing novel and gives a refreshingly rounded depiction of a woman with a disability.

Date Added: 03/08/2018

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