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Helen Keller Collection

Description: A collection featuring biographies and non-fiction books by and about Helen Keller. For books by and about other members of the deaf-blind community, visit: https://www.bookshare.org/browse/collection/194343 #disability

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Title Author Date Added Action
Blind Rage Georgina Kleege 12/19/2018
Helen in Love Rosie Sultan 03/28/2018
My Religion Helen Keller 03/09/2018
The Radical Lives of Helen Keller Kim E. Nielsen 03/09/2018
The Miracle Worker William Gibson 03/09/2018
The Song of the Stone Wall Helen Keller 03/09/2018
The Touch of Magic Lorena A. Hickok 03/09/2018
Helen Keller, Rebellious Spirit Laurie Lawlor 03/09/2018
Helen Keller Leslie Garrett 03/09/2018
Helen Keller Emma Carlson Berne and Marie Hodge 03/09/2018
Meet Helen Keller - An eStory Charles Margerison 03/09/2018
Helen Keller's Lifelong Friend Stephanie Sigue 03/09/2018
Helen's Big World Doreen Rappaport and Matt Tavares 03/09/2018
Blind Rage Georgina Kleege 03/09/2018
I Am Helen Keller (Ordinary People Change the World) Brad Meltzer 03/09/2018
Helen Keller (Rebel Lives) Helen Keller and John Davis 03/09/2018
Helen Keller and the Big Storm Patricia Lakin 03/09/2018
Beyond the Miracle Worker Kim E. Nielsen 03/09/2018
Helen Keller Cynthia Klingel and Robert B. Noyed 03/09/2018
Helen Keller Margaret Davidson 03/09/2018
"Miracle Worker" and the Transcendentalist David Wagner 03/09/2018
Helen Keller in Her Own Words Caroline Kennon 03/09/2018
Optimism, and Strike Against War Helen Keller 03/09/2018
Helen Keller Kathleen V. Kudlinski 03/09/2018
Who Was Helen Keller? Gare Thompson and Nancy Harrison 03/09/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 48 results