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Celebrate Poetry

Description: Celebrate the expressiveness, and pure delight of poetry with this collection of books and anthologies. Whether you're interested in the classics or highly acclaimed new voices, this collection has something for everyone! #general #adults

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Title Author Date Added Action
Swimming Lessons Lili Reinhart 04/07/2021
Pillow Thoughts Courtney Peppernell 04/07/2021
Postcolonial Love Poem Natalie Diaz 04/07/2021
We Inherit What the Fires Left William Evans 04/07/2021
The Absurd Man Major Jackson 04/07/2021
Chorus Saul Williams and Dufflyn Lammers and Aja Monet 04/07/2021
The Tradition Jericho Brown 04/07/2020
Glass Float Jane Munro 04/07/2020
Sincerely, F. S. Yousaf 04/07/2020
The Boss Victoria Chang 04/07/2020

Showing 26 through 35 of 35 results