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Blindness and Visual Impairment Special Collection

Description: A collection featuring biographies, memoirs, fiction and non-fiction by and about members of the blind community. #disability

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Non-Fiction Blindness Daniel Mendelsohn and Henry Green 03/21/2018
Non-Fiction Blindness Should Not Be a Burden Archie R. Silago 03/21/2018
Non-Fiction Blind Rage Georgina Kleege 03/28/2018
Non-Fiction Blind Rage Georgina Kleege 12/19/2018
Non-Fiction Blind Workers against Charity Matthias Reiss 03/28/2018
Fiction (Albinism) The Book of Chameleons Jose Eduardo Agualusa and Daniel Hahn 03/28/2018
Fiction (Albinism) The Book of Memory Petina Gappah 03/28/2018
Non-Fiction Borderlands of Blindness (Disability in Society Series) Beth Omansky 03/21/2018
Memoir Breaking Barriers Peter Altschul 03/28/2018
Memoir Breaking the Bonds of Blindness Mark Jacoby and Bill Driver 03/28/2018
Memoir A Brush With Darkness Lisa Fittipaldi 03/23/2018
Non-Fiction Business Owners Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired Deborah Kendrick 03/28/2018
Biography By Faith, Not By Sight Scott Macintyre and Jennifer Schuchmann 03/28/2018
Non-Fiction Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture Heather Tilley 03/28/2018
Fiction Candle in the Window Christina Dodd 03/30/2018
Memoir Carmella's Quest Carmella Broome 03/28/2018
Memoir Carry On Lisa Fenn 03/23/2018
Memoir Character Driven Derek Fisher 03/30/2018
Memoir C'mon Papa Ryan Knighton 03/28/2018
Memoir Cockeyed Ryan Knighton 03/23/2018
Memoir Come, Let Me Guide You Susan Krieger 03/28/2018
Non-Fiction The Community of the Blind Yoon Hough Kim 03/28/2018
Memoir The Conquest of Blindness Henry Randolph Latimer 03/28/2018
Memoir Craig Macfarlane Hasn't Heard Of You Either! Craig Macfarlane 03/28/2018
Memoir Crashing Through Robert Kurson 03/28/2018

Showing 26 through 50 of 205 results