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Goldsmith Book Prize

Description: The Goldsmith Book Prize is awarded to the trade and academic book published in the last 24 months that best fulfills the objective of improving democratic governance by examining of the intersection between the media, politics and public policy. #award

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Year Category Title Author Date Added Action
2002 Academic The Black Image in the White Mind Andrew and Robert M. and Entman and Rojecki 04/02/2018
2019 Academic Censored Margaret E. Roberts 04/29/2019
2014 Academic Changing Minds or Changing Channels? Martin Johnson and Kevin Arceneaux 04/02/2018
2005 Academic Comparing Media Systems Daniel C. Hallin and Paolo Mancini 04/02/2018
2013 Trade Consent of the Networked Rebecca Mackinnon 04/02/2018
2005 Trade The Creation of the Media Paul Starr 04/02/2018
2011 Academic Cycles of Spin Patrick Sellers 04/02/2018
2009 Trade The Dark Side Jane Mayer 04/02/2018
2017 Academic Democracy’s Detectives James T. Hamilton 04/02/2018
2002 Trade The Elements of Journalism Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel 04/02/2018
2004 Trade Embedded Bill Katovsky and Timothy Carlson 04/02/2018
2012 Academic Going Local Jeffrey E. Cohen 04/02/2018
2007 Academic Hearing the Other Side Diana C. Mutz 04/02/2018
2019 Trade How Democracies Die Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky 04/29/2019
2014 Academic How Partisan Media Polarize America Matthew Levendusky 04/02/2018
2019 Academic The Internet Trap Matthew Hindman 04/29/2019
2015 Trade The Invention of News Andrew Pettegree 04/02/2018
2016 Trade Lincoln and the Power of the Press Harold Holzer 04/02/2018
2004 Academic The Mass Media and the Dynamics of American Racial Attitudes Paul M. Kellstedt 04/02/2018
2015 Academic Media Commercialization and Authoritarian Rule in China Daniela Stockmann 04/02/2018
2010 Academic The Myth of Digital Democracy Matthew Hindman 04/02/2018
2008 Trade Nation of Secrets Ted Gup 04/02/2018
2012 Trade The Net Delusion Evgeny Morozov 04/02/2018
2003 Trade The News About the News Leonard Downie Jr. and Robert G. Kaiser 04/02/2018
2006 Trade Perilous Times Geoffrey R. Stone 04/02/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 32 results