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Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award

Description: The Dolly Gray Award recognizes fictional and biographical children, middle grade, and young adult books that authentically portray developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, and Down syndrome.

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Year Category Title Author Date Added Action
2018 Middle Grade The Someday Birds Julie Mclaughlin and Sally J. Pla 04/03/2018
2016 Middle Grade Rain Reign Ann M. Martin 04/03/2018
2014 Young Adult Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend Matthew Dicks 04/03/2018
2014 Middle Grade Remember Dippy Shirley Reva Vernick 04/03/2018
2012 Young Readers My Brother Charlie Holly Robinson Peete and Ryan Elizabeth Peete 04/03/2018
2012 Young Adult Waiting for No One Beverley Brenna 04/03/2018
2012 Middle Grade Mockingbird Kathryn Erskine 04/03/2018
2010 Middle Grade A Small White Scar K. A. Nuzum 04/03/2018
2010 Middle Grade So B. It Sarah Weeks 04/03/2018
2004 Young Adult The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Mark Haddon 04/03/2018
2002 Young Readers My Brother Sammy is Special David Armitage and Becky Edwards 04/03/2018
2002 Middle Grade Me and Rupert Goody Barbara O'Connor 04/03/2018
2000 Young Readers Ian's Walk Karen Ritz and Laurie Lears 04/03/2018

Showing 1 through 13 of 13 results