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Arizona Driver License Manual

by Arizona Department of Transportation

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (ADOT MVD) is pleased to provide this guide to Arizona traffic laws and information for obtaining a driver license or identification card. This manual also provides essential safety information for both new and experienced Arizona drivers.

Date Added: 11/24/2020

Arkansas Driver License Study Guide, Volume 1

by Arkansas Police

With a driver license comes the responsibility of being familiar with the laws of the road. As a driver you are accountable for what may be thrown from the vehicle onto a city street or state highway.

Date Added: 08/23/2019

Buckle Up Alabama!

by State of Alabama Law Enforcement

Alabama Driver Manual

Date Added: 04/27/2020

California Driver Handbook

by Department of Motor Vehicles

This California Driver Handbook promotes practicing safe driving habits among the public to improve California's roadways.

Date Added: 04/29/2020

Colorado Driver Handbook

by Colorado Department of Transportation

The Driver Handbook is a summary of the laws, rules and safe driving practices that apply to all persons who drive a vehicle in the state of Colorado.

Date Added: 05/06/2020

Connecticut Driver's Manual

by Connecticut Department of Transportation

Connecticut Driver’s Manual

This manual provides information needed to drive a passenger vehicle. A non-commercial driver’s license is known and designated as Class D. Unless restrictions appear on the license, a Class D license may be used to operate any motor vehicle except a commercial motor vehicle.

Date Added: 05/06/2020

Delaware Driver Manual

by Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles has prepared this manual to assist both new and current motorists to better prepare for challenges that may be encountered while navigating Delaware’s roadways.

Date Added: 05/19/2020

District of Columbia Driver Manual

by District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles

The District is committed to protecting the lives of those traveling on city roads. Vision Zero represents the city’s goal of reducing traffic fatalities to zero. Traffic deaths and serious injuries are preventable.

Date Added: 05/19/2020

Georgia Driver's Manual

by Georgia Department of Driver Services

This manual will help individuals qualify for a Georgia Driver's License and to become a safer driver.

Date Added: 05/06/2020

Hawaii Driver's Manual

by Department of Transportation and State Of Hawaii

Hawaii Driver's Manual.

Date Added: 12/01/2020

Idaho Driver's Handbook

by Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho Driver’s Handbook

Date Added: 05/28/2020

Illinois Rules of the Road

by Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois Rules of the Road

Date Added: 05/28/2020

Indiana Driver's Manual

by Bureau of Motor Vehicles Indiana

The BMV’s Driver’s Manual contains the latest information you will need to successfully pass an operator’s knowledge examination and obtain an Indiana driver’s license. The Driver’s Manual is also a great way for anyone to review updated traffic laws and regulations.

Date Added: 05/28/2020

Iowa Driver's Manual

by Iowa Department of Transportation

This manual will provide you the information needed for a general understanding of the principles of safe and lawful operation of a motor vehicle. However, it is NOT intended to serve as a precise statement of Iowa statutes concerning the operation of a motor vehicle and should not be considered as such. For further information, check the Code of Iowa, Chapters 321 through 321J, and the Iowa Department of Transportation rules contained in the Iowa Administrative Code.

Date Added: 05/06/2020

Kansas Driving Handbook

by Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles

This manual provides information on safe driving rules and practices all drivers should know. This manual does NOT provide information on all aspects of driving. You may have to contact the Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles for additional information. Be sure to read the entire manual carefully. You should read and study this manual to help you pass the written test(s) for a Driver’s License.

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle, motorcycle or motor-driven cycle on public roadways in Kansas is required to have a Driver’s License. You are required to have a Kansas Driver’s License within 90 days of moving to Kansas.

Date Added: 05/28/2020

Kentucky Driver Manual

by Kentucky State Police

The Kentucky Drivers Manual has been prepared by the Kentucky State Police to provide you with the knowledge and basic skills to become a safe and courteous driver. By thoroughly studying this manual, you will develop good driving habits and a better understanding the traffic laws of Kentucky. It should be your goal to learn everything you can before starting your driving career. By committing yourself to this goal, you will in turn make the roadways of Kentucky safer for everyone.

Date Added: 08/29/2018

Louisiana Class D and E Driver's Guide

by Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

This guide is designed to provide you with the rules of the road, knowledge to assist you in making better driving decisions and valuable information on safety and sharing the road with others. It is incumbent upon you, the driver, to respect all traffic laws and other drivers as well.

This guide is not intended to be an official legal reference to the Louisiana traffic laws. It only highlights those laws, driving practices and procedures that you will use most often. It should be noted that the material in this guide is subject to change to comply with amended State and Federal legislations.

Date Added: 08/27/2018

Maryland Driver's Manual

by Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

The MVA knowledge test that you must pass to get a non-commercial Class C learner's permit is based on information in the Maryland Driver's Manual. The manual includes basic knowledge on driver safety for new drivers, including: Maryland's traffic laws; highway signs that warn and direct traffic; safe driving practices. The graphics, full-color design, and brief paragraphs are easy to read and packed with driver safety facts.

Date Added: 08/27/2018

Massachusetts Driver's Manual

by Massachusetts Department of Vehicles

The manual is a helpful guide and a reminder that a driver’s license is a privilege, and with that comes the responsibilities of understanding and following the laws, and keeping you and other drivers safe on the road. Please read the rules of the road in order to prepare for your road test and a lifetime of safe driving, bicycling, and walking.

Date Added: 05/28/2020

Minnesota Driver's Manual

by Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Minnesota Driver's Manual

Date Added: 06/02/2020

Mississippi Driver's Manual

by Mississippi Department of Public Safety

Obtaining this driver manual is your first step toward becoming a licensed driver in Mississippi. We will do all we can to help you reach your goal. In this manual, you will find the rules that govern the operation of motor vehicles on our roadways. We urge you to learn and obey them.

Date Added: 08/27/2018

Missouri Driver Guide

by Missouri Department of Revenue

Carefully studying the Missouri Driver Guide will increase your driving confidence and broaden your knowledge of Missouri traffic laws. The more knowledge you have, the safer you are!

Date Added: 08/27/2018

Montana Driver Manual

by Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicle Division

As Montanans, we don’t think twice about jumping in our vehicles and driving 300 or 400 miles to visit family, watch our kids play sports, or find a stream where the fish are rising. Whatever the reason for our travels, the Montana Driver Manual provides a wealth of information to help us stay safe on our roads and highways.

Date Added: 08/28/2018

Nebraska Driver's Manual

by Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Nebraska Driver's Manual

Date Added: 05/29/2020

Nevada Driver's Handbook

by Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

This handbook has been written in an informal style for easy reading. As you read, you will find information on the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes you need to drive safely.

You will also find general licensing requirements, some basic traffic laws, explanations of signs and signals, material on driving under the influence and defensive driving tips. The knowledge test for your Nevada license is based on the information in this manual.

However, this handbook does not give the exact wording of traffic laws and it does not discuss all of them. For specific laws, please refer to the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). NRS copies are available in the public libraries and online at leg.state.nv.us/law1.cfm

Date Added: 07/05/2018

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