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Description: Go on a vacation this summer without ever leaving your couch. Whether you choose to visit the Alaskan wilderness, the beaches of Hawaii, or the cornfields in Kansas, adventure awaits in this collection of young adult novels. Ages 13 and up. #teens

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Illinois The Rock and the River Kekla Magoon 04/25/2018
Indiana The Fault in Our Stars John Green 04/25/2018
Indiana All the Bright Places Jennifer Niven 04/25/2018
Iowa Ashfall Mike Mullin 04/26/2018
Iowa Squashed Joan Bauer 04/26/2018
Kansas Noggin John Corey Whaley 04/26/2018
Kansas Landry Park Bethany Hagen 04/26/2018
Kentucky Breakfast Served Anytime Sarah Combs 04/26/2018
Kentucky Trouble the Water Frances O'Roark Dowell 04/26/2018
Louisiana Arise Tara Hudson 04/25/2018
Louisiana Alligator Bayou Donna Jo Napoli 04/25/2018
Maine Lovely, Dark and Deep Amy Mcnamara 04/27/2018
Maine Delirium Lauren Oliver 04/26/2018
Maryland Jacob Have I Loved Katherine Paterson 04/27/2018
Maryland Blindsided Priscilla Cummings 04/25/2018
Massachusetts My Most Excellent Year Steve Kluger 04/25/2018
Massachusetts Conversion Katherine Howe 04/25/2018
Michigan Caged Warrior Alan Lawrence Sitomer 04/26/2018
Michigan Wake Lisa Mcmann 04/26/2018
Minnesota Shiver, Linger, Forever Maggie Stiefvater 04/27/2018
Minnesota Full Service Will Weaver 04/27/2018
Mississippi Mudbound Hillary Jordan 04/27/2018
Mississippi Sources of Light Margaret Mcmullan 04/27/2018
Missouri Blood Magic Tessa Gratton 05/04/2018
Missouri Torn Away Jennifer Brown 05/02/2018

Showing 26 through 50 of 102 results