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Fourth of July Books for Kids

Description: Celebrate this 4th of July with fireworks, flags, and the Founding Fathers! From the well-known George Washington and John Adams, to Sybil Ludington’s midnight ride, this collection of books brings history and festivity to kids of all ages. #kids

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What Is the Declaration of Independence?

by Jerry Hoare and Kevin Mcveigh and Michael C. Harris

Step back in time to the birth of America and meet the real-life rebels who made this country free!On a hot summer day near Philadelphia in 1776, Thomas Jefferson sat at his desk and wrote furiously until early the next morning. He was drafting the Declaration of Independence, a document that would sever this country's ties with Britain and announce a new nation--The United States of America. Colonists were willing to risk their lives for freedom, and the Declaration of Independence made that official. Discover the true story of one of the most radical and uplifting documents in history and follow the action that fueled the Revolutionary War.

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The Declaration of Independence

by Elaine Landau

Inside this book you will find out information about the Declaration of Independence including the risks people tool to sign it, time lines associated with it, as well as some fun facts.

Ideal for today's young investigative reader, each A True Book includes lively sidebars, a glossary and index, plus a comprehensive "To Find Out More" section listing books, organizations, and Internet sites. A staple of library collections since the 1950s, the new A True Book series is the definitive nonfiction series for elementary school readers. A True Book -- American History: How do you wrap a 450,000-pound gift? What is the world's oldest and shortest written consitution? Find out in this patriotic celebration of things uniquely American.

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Bald Eagle

by Hal Marcovitz

In the early days of American independence, government leaders tried to identify an animal that would represent the new nation. They settled on the bald eagle, a proud raptor that fiercely defends its nest and its family. The eagle has been used to represent government power since the time of the Roman Empire. In 1787 the bald eagle was officially adopted as the emblem of the United States. The eagle is often shown holding an olive branch (representing peace) and arrows (representing war) in its talons. Today the bald eagle remains a living symbol of American strength and values.

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The Good Fight

by Anne Quirk and Elizabeth Baddeley

Can’t get enough of Hamilton? Think the British were the only ones we squabbled with during the Revolutionary War? Think again! A unique look at how the founding fathers settled their differences in their quest to settle a nation. The Revolutionary War was full of bloody battles and broken treaties. But it wasn’t just about the colonies fighting the crown. In the 18th century, it seemed that everyone was at war with each other—including the very people who were supposedly leading us on a path to independence! Don’t miss out on a ringside seat for these fascinating bouts: • Benjamin Franklin’s son William was once jailed on accusations of being a traitor . . . and Ben didn’t even visit him. • Thomas Jefferson quit his job as secretary of state because his archrival, Alexander Hamilton, started the national bank. • John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day. Could it have been mutual exhaustion after years of disagreement? George Washington vs. King George. Benjamin Franklin vs. his son William. John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton vs. everyone! Join historian Anne Quirk and illustrator Elizabeth Baddeley as they referee four fascinating historical throw-downs between the founding fathers . . . and prove that the United States of America is a place worth fighting for.

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A Is for America

by Devin Scillian

The author of the charming fable "Fibblestax" includes a rhyming poem for each letter of the alphabet and informational text about the United States.

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Showing 26 through 30 of 30 results