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The Berenstain Bears Ready, Get Set, Go!

by Jan Berenstain and Stan Berenstain

When Brother, Sister, and Papa compete in the Bear Olympics, who will be the best?

"Hooray, hooray!" the bears all say. "The Bears' Olympics start today!"

At the Bears' Olympics, the greatest athletes in Bear Country gather to see who can dive the deepest, climb the highest, and swing the swingiest of them all. Sister Bear runs the fastest, and Brother Bear jumps the farthest, but Papa isn't the best at anything. Though he huffs and he puffs, he always comes last.

As the events go on and the prizes are awarded, he tries harder and harder to run, jump, dive, and drive. Before the sun sets, will Papa find a sport in which he can be the best?

Date Added: 06/18/2018

Category: 300L

Showing 51 through 51 of 51 results