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District List: NYC Core Curriculum K - Social Studies

Description: The New York City Core Curriculum program aims to provide a high-quality curricula to NYC students through a seamless instructional program across grades and subjects. This list has been curated by #NYCDOE for Kindergarten Social Studies materials.

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Title Author Date Added Action
Our National Symbols Joseph Patrick 09/12/2018
Police Officers Jacqueline Laks Gorman 09/12/2018
Kids Can Have Jobs Katherine Scraper and David Haggerty 10/19/2018
Rules at School Katherine Scraper and David Haggerty 10/19/2018
Communities Then and Now Tara Funk and Vickey Herold 10/19/2018
Families Work and Play Together Linda B. Ross 10/19/2018
Same, Same but Different Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw 07/06/2018
The Family Book Todd Parr 07/06/2018
A Chair For My Mother Vera B. Williams 07/06/2018
Me on the Map Annette Cable and Joan Sweeney 07/06/2018
We Need Directions! Sarah De Capua 07/06/2018
What is the Story of Our Flag? Janice Behrens 07/06/2018
This Is the Way We Go to School Edith Baer 07/06/2018
Duck for President Doreen Cronin 07/06/2018
I Like Me! Nancy Carlson 07/06/2018
Who's in a Family? Robert Skutch and Laura Nienhaus 07/06/2018
Odd Velvet Tara Calahan King and Mary E. Whitcomb 07/06/2018
There's a Map on My Lap! Tish Rabe 07/06/2018
Celebrating Patriotic Holidays Joel Kupperstein 07/06/2018
Love You Forever This title is no longer available. Robert Munsch 07/06/2018
Trashy Town Andrea Griffing Zimmerman and David Clemesha 07/06/2018
Manners at School Carrie Finn and Chris Lensch 07/06/2018
City Green Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan 07/06/2018
The Best Eid Ever Asma Mobin-Uddin and Laura Jacobsen 08/29/2018
Meet the Baker Joyce Jeffries 09/12/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 88 results