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NYC Core Curriculum 5th - Social Studies

Description: The New York City Core Curriculum program aims to provide a high-quality curricula to NYC students through a seamless instructional program across grades and subjects. This list has been curated by #NYCDOE for 5th Grade Social Studies materials.

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Title Author Date Added Action
Growing Up Pedro Matt Tavares 09/13/2018
Canada Guek Cheng Pang and Jo-Ann Spilling 09/13/2018
Explorers in North America Kerri O'Donnell 09/13/2018
Francis Drake Robert Sheehan 09/13/2018
The Exploration of North America Tim Cooke 09/13/2018
Spotlight On South America Karen Bush Gibson 09/14/2018
Dominican Republic Leslie Jermyn and Erin Foley 09/17/2018
Mexico the Culture Bobbie Kalman 09/17/2018
Expat FAQs Ilana Benady and Ginnie Bedggood 09/18/2018
Samuel De Champlain Claude Hurwicz 10/17/2018
Why Mexican Immigrants Came to America Lewis K. Parker 10/17/2018
The Dominican Republic Byron Augustin 09/25/2018
Mesopotamia Philip Steele and Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff and John Farndon 10/17/2018
The Kids Book of the Far North Jane Drake and Ann Love 10/17/2018
Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet Tanya Larkin 10/16/2018

Showing 51 through 65 of 65 results