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NYC Core Curriculum 7th - Social Studies

Description: The New York City Core Curriculum program aims to provide a high-quality curricula to NYC students through a seamless instructional program across grades and subjects. This list has been curated by #NYCDOE for 7th Grade Social Studies materials.

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Story of Slavery and Abolition in United States History Linda Jacobs Altman 10/22/2018
The Articles of Confederation Blair Belton 10/17/2018
Native American Myths Anita Dalal 10/17/2018
A Timeline of the Colonial World Charlie Samuels 10/17/2018
Founding Fathers Jack N. Rakove and K. M. Kostyal 10/17/2018
Native Tribes of the Plains and Prairie Michael Johnson 10/17/2018
The Split History of the American Revolution Michael Burgan and Lawrence Babits and Kathleen Baxter and Robert L. McConnell 10/17/2018
American Revolution And Constitution Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis 09/25/2018
Short Nonfiction For American History Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis 09/24/2018
Short Nonfiction For American History Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis 09/24/2018
Liberty or Death Margaret Whitman Blair 09/17/2018
The Whiskey Rebellion Katy Schiel 09/14/2018
A Voice Of Her Own Kathryn Lasky and Paul Lee 09/14/2018
Evaluating the Articles of Confederation Greg Roza 09/13/2018
Thailand in Pictures Stacy Taus-Bolstad 09/13/2018
Native Tribes of California and the Southwest Michael Johnson and Bill Yenne 09/13/2018
Alexander Hamilton Vs. Aaron Burr Ellis Roxburgh 09/13/2018
Growing Up In The Civil War, 1861 To 1865 Duane Damon 09/10/2018
The Eighth Amendment Greg Roza 09/10/2018
The Fifth Amendment Corona Brezina 09/10/2018
A Historical Atlas Of The American Revolution Martha Kneib 09/10/2018
The Bill Of Rights Karen J. Donnelly 09/10/2018
John Brown Anne E. Schraff 09/10/2018
A Separate Battle Ina Chang 09/04/2018
Biographies Of The American Revolution Michael Anderson 01/14/2019

Showing 1 through 25 of 74 results