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District List: NYC Core Curriculum 8th - Social Studies

Description: The New York City Core Curriculum program aims to provide a high-quality curricula to NYC students through a seamless instructional program across grades and subjects. This list has been curated by #NYCDOE for 8th Grade Social Studies materials.

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Title Author Date Added Action
An Age of Extremes Joy Hakim 07/06/2018
All the People Joy Hakim 07/06/2018
America is Under Attack Don Brown 07/06/2018
Bright Ideas Ann Rossi 08/28/2018
Cause Tonya Bolden 07/06/2018
Critical Perspectives On The Industrial Revolution Josh Sakolsky 09/10/2018
Ellis Island William Jay Jacobs 09/13/2018
FDR's Alphabet Soup Tonya Bolden 09/04/2018
The Federal Reserve Act Melanie Ann Apel 08/27/2018
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Russell Freedman 07/06/2018
The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck and Robert Demott 07/06/2018
The Great American Dust Bowl Don Brown 07/06/2018
The Great Migration Jacob Lawrence 07/06/2018
A Historical Atlas Of The Industrial Age And The Growth Of America's Cities Sherri Liberman 08/28/2018
Hoping for Rain Kate Connell 07/06/2018
Immigrant Kids Russell Freedman 07/06/2018
Immigration To America Therese Shea 09/10/2018
Kids at Work Russell Freedman 07/06/2018
Labor Legislation Katherine Lawrence 09/18/2018
Moving North Monica Halpern 08/27/2018
Oil, Steel, and Railroads Jesse Jarnow 10/17/2018
Political Reforms Katherine Wingate 09/11/2018
Possibilities and Problems in America's New Urban Centers Suzanne J. Murdico 10/17/2018
Progressive Leaders Lois Sakany 09/04/2018
Prosecuting Trusts Bernadette Brexel 09/11/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 33 results