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'My Name is America' Series

Description: Historical fiction for middle grade readers (ages 8-14 or grades 4-9). Each novel's protagonist tells a different story of what it is like to be a young man in America. #kids #series

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Year Title Author Date Added Action
1620 The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce Ann Rinaldi 07/20/2018
1948 The Journal of Biddy Owens Walter Dean Myers 07/20/2018
1863 The Journal of James Edmond Pease Jim Murphy 07/20/2018
1838 The Journal of Jesse Smoke Joseph Bruchac 07/20/2018
1968 The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty Ellen Emerson White 07/20/2018
1846 The Journal of Douglas Allen Deeds Rodman Philbrick 07/20/2018
1804 The Journal of Augustus Pelletier Kathryn Lasky 07/20/2018
1942 The Journal of Ben Uchida Barry Denenberg 07/20/2018
1899 The Journal of Finn Reardon Susan Campbell Bartoletti 07/20/2018
1862 The Journal of Rufus Rowe Sid Hite 07/20/2018
1944 The Journal of Scott Pendelton Collins Walter Dean Myers 07/20/2018
1905 The Journal of Otto Peltonen William Durbin 07/20/2018
1867 The Journal of Sean Sullivan William Durbin 07/20/2018
1874 The Journal of Brian Doyle Jim Murphy 07/20/2018
1845 The Journal of Jedediah Barstow Ellen Levine 07/20/2018
1871 The Journal of Joshua Loper Walter Dean Myers 07/20/2018
1774 The Journal of William Thomas Emerson Barry Denenberg 07/20/2018
1852 The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung: Laurence Yep 07/20/2018
1935 The Journal of C. J. Jackson William Durbin 07/20/2018

Showing 1 through 19 of 19 results