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Description: Find books that match your lexile measure. Browse these novels and non-fiction reads written at the 700L through 790L. All Lexile measures verified by MetaMetrics. #teacher #lexile

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
700L Merci Suárez Changes Gears Meg Medina 03/13/2019
790L The Diamond of Darkhold Jeanne Duprau 01/15/2019
710L Swindle Gordon Korman 08/06/2018
750L Taking Sides Gary Soto 08/06/2018
750L Talking Leaves Joseph Bruchac 08/06/2018
780L Red Scarf Girl Ji-Li Jiang and David Henry Hwang 08/06/2018
730L Ungifted Gordon Korman 08/06/2018
740L Maybe a Fox Alison Mcghee and Kathi Appelt 08/06/2018
780L The Big Dark Rodman Philbrick 08/06/2018
750L Story Thieves James Riley 08/06/2018
730L My Family Divided Diane Guerrero and Erica Moroz 08/06/2018
740L The Wild Robot Peter Brown 08/06/2018
790L Full Cicada Moon Marilyn Hilton 08/06/2018
740L When I Was the Greatest Jason Reynolds 08/06/2018
750L The Van Gogh Deception Deron R. Hicks 08/06/2018
710L Impyrium Henry H. Neff 08/06/2018
750L The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora Pablo Cartaya 08/06/2018
700L Longbow Girl Linda Davies 08/06/2018
700L The Night Diary Veera Hiranandani 07/30/2018
790L Wonder R. J. Palacio 07/30/2018
780L Save Me a Seat Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan 07/30/2018
730L The Other Side of Truth Beverley Naidoo 07/30/2018
730L The Milk of Birds Sylvia Whitman 07/30/2018
790L 90 Miles to Havana Enrique Flores-Galbis 07/30/2018
750L Weedflower Cynthia Kadohata 07/30/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 151 results